Bloody night: Five shot, four hacked with machete, two dead

Boston Police report four people were shot in a single incident around 3:50 a.m. on Sunday and that one of the victims died.

Police say the shooting occurred at 7 Edson St. after they received several calls about "a large group of people" congregating in the area. Carl Hentz Belizaire, 21, of Mattapan, was pronounced dead at Brigham and Women's Hospital. He is the neighborhood's 17th murder victim this year (see map), and the 40th murder victim in Boston in 2009. The other three victims, a man, 26, a man, 40, and a woman, 19, are expected to survive.

Police say Belizaire was the intended victim of his killer; the other three people just got in the way.

Meanwhile, a Dorchester teen celebrating her 18th birthday in Hyde Park was shot dead around 2:30 a.m. Boston Police report that Paula Castillo was shot at 28 Hillis Rd. Police say "the preliminary investigation has indicated that this was not a random incident and the victim is believed to have been targeted."

In a separate incident, a large fight outside a house party at 98 Intervale St. around 5 a.m. ended when a man got out a machete and began slashing. The Boston Herald reports four people were injured, but that all are expected to survive.


I'm with Rich. I hate these parties that people have in their so-called yards. Occasionally, we would hear one or two a year during Carnival week. So be it. Now, this year, there was a party at one house or another every weekend, seemingly. They always have to have a public address system going until the sun comes up. The elderly here suffer. You have to close the windows and sweat it out in the summer, and you can still hear the music like it's in your own room. A neighbor had her 50th birthday party on a piece of asphalt that fits one car. There were over 100 people on that little patch, along with the PA. The volume is sooooo loud that it's amazing the police do nothing. They should be able to hear this nonsense all the way at the station. Calling them helps very little unless you tell them a firearm has been discharged. Love it when party goers decide they need to get away from the party and hang out on your porch!! Something really should be done. After all, these parties are where 90 percent of the shootings begin!!!

Gotta love those house parties huh? I got a family on Milton Ave that has a yard party almost evey weekend in there postage stamp size yrd the sortee starts usualy aroun4 to 5 PM and goes strong until 2 sometime 3 AM the police come they quite down the polic leave the liven up its constant and 911 dispatcher treats the caller like an annoyance. Put an end to house parties rent a hall require police detail do something but this nonsence can be nipped in the bud very easily and is ignored until tragicly someone is killed for no reason by some mindless yo who watches too many videos of how life is suppose to be in the awful awful ghetto and how hard he's suppose to be because some millionaire rapper looking to take more money from they're bros says hes suppose to be talk about taking avantage of the weak minded???? Ed Davis and company needs to step it up

Take a sad Song and make it better

Rich Carney


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