Historical Society program on the Clap/Clapp Legacy

The Clap/Clapp Legacy by John Goff

April 19th at 2 pm
William Clapp House, 195 Boston Street
Dorchester, MA 02125

John Goff is a preservation architect who, during his
preparation of the Historic Structures Report for the
James Blake House, re-discovered the influence of
the Clap family in Dorchester and across the state.
Roger Clap was one of the first settlers in Dorchester,
arriving on the Mary and John in May of 1630,
followed in the next few years by his siblings and
cousins. Roger later became Captain of the Castle,
Castle William on Castle Island (which was then
an island). Roger is important to historians,
because he is one of the few early settlers to leave
written memories of the period. April marks the
400th anniversary of his birth.

Dorchester Historical Society

Earl Taylor, Dorchester Historical Society