Help find missing dog Cali

Help us find Cali: Missing since May 14.Help us find Cali: Missing since May 14.A small cream/blonde Pomeranian dog named Cali is missing and her owners are asking the neighborhood to help find her this week.

"Cali is part of our family, she needs her medication and our hearts are broken. We will not stop searching until she is found. Upon her safe return, we will gladly send you on your way with a cash reward, NO questions asked."

Cali weighs approx. 6 lbs, is extremely friendly, and was last seen on May 14 in the area of Neponset Avenue and Victory Road. Poms are not as common as labs or retrievers so if you spot a blonde fluffy dog with a tail that curls up, please call immediately! Call 617-291–3257 or 860-798 -0740.



we will take all the signs down when we find Cali. To answer the question about the need to saturate the area with our fliers...YES, we do. If you've ever been in this situation before, which if you haven't, I hope you will never have to, but you would understand that we do not want to take any chances of people not seeing our flier. Cali is part of our family and we are doing everything we can to find her. This situation has been extremely painful. It just takes one person driving, riding or walking by to see the flier that might be able to help bring her home. Complaints about "too many fliers" don't matter to us- in fact, that tells us it's working, people are noticing and they are not forgetting that a young puppy is lost and could be in the wrong hands.

It's actually very disheartening to see that the only two comments about this article is about too many fliers, instead of individuals part of a community offering help or support. That is very sad. found......and soon thereafter all signs are taken down from every pole and steet sign in Neponset. Although it was nice for a change to get a robocall from someone other then Sam Yoon.

feel awful for these people. I have lost pets before and it is hearbreaking. But why do they feel the need to put a sign on EVERY SINGLE POLE in the Pope's Hill area? Some poles have multiple signs on them. As I stood at the corner of Neponset and Victory yesterday, I could see at least 10 posters on the various poles around the intersection. Is that really necessary???
Like the previous poster said, I hope that the same effort will be taken to remove these posters when the time comes.

missing animals do need lots of signs so that everyone knows what to do if they spot Cali. If I lost my dog I would also put signs everywhere, so help the family that is missing their dog instead of complaining!