If the mayoral election were held today, who gets your vote?

Michael Flaherty
39% (846 votes)
Kevin McCrea
2% (34 votes)
Tom Menino
53% (1145 votes)
Sam Yoon
4% (76 votes)
None of the above
3% (62 votes)
Total votes: 2163


Why not have this poll after they debate? Oh thats right the Mayor wouldnt even debate Hennigan or Davis-Mullen, who I could beat in a debate which is not good, the Mayor owes that to the voters of this city and he will never do it because he knows Flaherty would destroy him and his goons. Vote Flaherty

Flaherty winning by 70 votes as of midnight last night and at 7 a.m was down by 2? thats a joke

is see now that you only post pro-menino statementsm good job dot reporter

The only joke was that he was ever winning.

I see a lot of "Boston is in shambles" comments without much support. What are you comparing Boston to when you say that? Some ideal city that doesn't exist, or other actual cities?
-Here is a study from last year that says Boston is #37 on the list of cities with the best quality of living in the WORLD. http://www.citymayors.com/features/quality_survey.html Only Honolulu and San Francisco ranked higher in the US.
-Forbes Magazine seems to think our schools are pretty good compared to other cities. http://www.forbes.com/2004/02/13/cx_bs_0213home.html
-I know this is from 2006, but Boston won the Broad Prize for Urban Education as the best school district in the country. http://www.bostonpublicschools.org/node/34

I found this information in about 3 minutes...why doesn't everyone try looking up some facts before they make claims about what's good/bad about Boston?

First of all I think Mayor Menino has done a good job over the years. He did say to judge him on our school systems a few years ago. Well, today Mr mayor, you dont want to be judged on our schools. The school system is a joke and has to be completely turned around. Mr Mayor you have done great things for Boston but i feel that it is time for a change. You will be 70 soon and want to hand the position over. I truly feel Michael Flaherty is a great candidate. He is young, ambitious, and has shown great leadership. Michael will lead this city in the right direction just like Menino did. We are in a serious economic crisis and I feel we need new and fresh life to lead us out of it. Lastly, Mr mayor as i reiterated earlier you have done a great job for the city of boston and i applaud you. One major mistake you did make, was in fact hiring commissioner Frazier. He is an absolute joke. ( I am not a firefighter, beleive me..) As a commissioner you will always have people say good and bad things about you. I have yet to hear one good thing about this man. He may have been good at leading his fleet in the armed services, but leading the BFD is completely different. He could not even fill 1/8 of Commisoner Christians shoes. As a leader, how do you continually put your men and women down Frazier. It makes zero sense. Flaherty 09'

Schools which under perform. There is no reason why a Latin School should exist when there are schools like Madison Park. Every BPS should be like the Latin School.

The city streets are pot hole ridden mess. Don't tell me it is because of the winter. They are a mess in August! When there are places like Concord or Plymouth that can have smooth roads there is no excuse Boston can't.

The sidewalks and gutters in Roxbury, East Boston, Dorchester, etc are trash filled all year round! But not Downtown!

Empty lots are allowed to grow trash filled and jungle like with no recourse. The blight is everywhere.

Abandoned homes are allowed to remain boarded up and rotting when they should be seized and torn down. A grass filled empty lot or paved lot is better than a rotting corpse of an abandoned building that attracts vermin and brings down the value of everything around it.

Northern Ave could have been re-built like Comm Ave. with wide green spaces, sculpture, pedestrian open space all the way to the Harbor capped with a fountain like Jet d’Eau in Geneva. In a design that would have become a destination space like the Embarcadero or San Antonio's River Walk. But what we got was a monument to old style politics.

Open your eyes, Neglect is the motto of this administration. The Urban Mechanic is a crooked repairman that puts on defective parts on your car and sawdust in your transmission to keep it quiet!

Good points. These are definitely things that the city needs to work on, but again where do they fit into the bigger picture?

Potholes are certainly a nuisance, and so is trash in the gutters. But if those are the first issues that come to mind in the middle of a recession with the budget crisis it created, I'd say we're actually not doing bad.

Your point on schools is off base though. Boston Latin is great because it has an entrance exam, and therefore gets the best students. If we required entrance exams for all schools, people would be screaming about the "underprivileged" not being given a fair chance at getting a good education. And they would be correct.

I would certainly not agree that we have a problem with abandoned homes, or that "the blight is everywhere." Again, compared to other cities we have very few abandoned homes. That is because property is valuable here. In Detroit, where homes sell for $10,000 now, abandoned homes are literally everywhere.

About Northern Ave: That area isn't even near complete. When those parking lots are turned into buildings it will be a beautiful new downtown area. Fan Pier will be one part of that. You can't judge it before it's finished.

To the person who said I just work for City Hall and am putting up made up facts...I don't work there, and the facts are real. But you made a really strong case for yourself. Nice work.

....what job did Flabbo promise you?

BLS has been the standard by which all public schools have been judged for decades. Without getting rid of busing the other high schools will never advance. What has Flabbo done to improve schools? Exactly. And you guys always leave out the marked improvement in the grammer schools. The Murphy in your own neigborhood is a great case in point. Now parents fight to get their kids into these grammer schools instead of catholic schools. The Archdiose's had to cluster schools due to the success the grammer schools under the Mayor. Middle schools are failing across the state. And the city has recognized that and are slowly closing them and adding k-8 schools.

Potholes? That worked wonders for Maura. Keep hanging onto that one.

Empty lots where blight occurs and there is no recourse? Ask your boy Flabbo about his dads piece of blight in Southie that he is now attempting to turn a profit on after neglecting for 20 years.

And as far as the Mayor not turning Northern Ave into the riverwalk in San Antonio or the jet D'Eau in Geneva..........I am upset he didnt turn my local park into a personal Disney World for my kids and the ballfield into a Field of Dreams, but I am trying to look past it.

I work in the private sector and pay taxes. I moved into the city a handfull of years ago and love what the mayors doing. Hope he can keep it up for another 4 years.

You found it in 3 minutes bc your boss in City Hall just handed it to you. Keep up the good work.

Try having a kid in The Boston Public Schools and see first hand what its about before you pass along some BS award that was probably given on made up or doctored stats.

Try living in Dorchester and not being able to visit the house you grew up in 6 blocks away bc of the violence that goes on everyday before you cite some study on "quality of living".

The people who live in the real world, the real Boston know the truth and will vote for change. Enough is enough.

I'm not saying the BPS is great, I'm saying it stacks up well against school systems in other major cities. Our entire country has a terrible public education system because teacher's unions are against any kinds of standards for themselves or the kids.

Soo...you get to claim my facts are made up, but offer none of your own? Ad hominem attacks aren't too persuasive.

Yes, there is crime in Dorchester. What is Flaherty/Yoon's plan to change that which is so different from Mayor Menino's?

Finally, the people in Boston will vote for Menino, and we both know it. Good talk though.

.....why flabbo is in first place. Herald page 6. I have a feeling that half the lunch crowd at Florian will be coming down with carpal tunnel. BFD Human Resources better get the paperwork ready.

He did not allow idiots like Arroyo and Turner to turn the City Council into a joke with "impeach Bush", "Nuclear War Free Zone", and just about any other nutball resolution they wanted to address like those morons in Cambridge.

He also did not give away the store to pay for the DNC which is still damaging our city budget.

Mayor Menino needed to go quietly into that good night but he can not. Because it is not about the Citizens it is about him, and him alone. He plans on stepping down anyway after getting Consalvo in as Council Prez so he will take care of Menino's people.

The neighborhoods have been neglected by Mayor Menino for over a decade while Downtown gets everything. There is not a 100' of smooth road in this damn city.

Now is the time, Flaherty is the candidate, Boston's future begins today!

Please tell me why Flabbo would be a good mayor? What has he done? Have yet to hear reasons why he should be mayor, even from his most outspoken supporters. WHAT HAS HE DONE?

Where are these good schools - are you clueless. There is one high school in the entire city that you would send your kids to - I could care less who is mayor but the school system is an embarassment to anyone who lives in this city.

Time for you to get serious, Boston Schools are an absolute disgrace and I will judge Menino on what he said at his state of the city address a few years back " Judge me on our schools" and I am judgeing him and he gets an F, Vote Menino out! Flaherty in '09

As a teacher in BPS, I agree that that schools are a disgrace! I would not send my own kids to our schools. Changes need to be made - big time. We are not doing everything for our students (and there are teachers that try but the system isn't letting them do more). Let's have a mayor who knows something about public education - Sam Yoon!

FYI, Flaherty is just like Menino. He's been around for how long? What changes in public education has been made during his time?

Is this vote rigged? A friend called me to tell me to vote and I couldn't. I tried on my home computer and it showed me the results but would not let me vote. Then I tried on my laptop and it allowed me to vote, but the number didn't change when I cast my vote. How can anyone trust these results?

There was a delay in the result appearing, and that delay has now been fixed. Your vote was counted, but showed up five minutes later.

Sorry about the confusion!
-Pete Stidman, News Editor

I think Tom Menino did a good job as Mayor his first ten or twelve years but this is getting out of control. I don't think it's about Boston anymore but Tom Menino's outrageous ego. Please just retire. Michael Flaherty is an amazing candidate, young ,educated and experienced. You would do this city a great service if you just retire Mister Mayor. It is time for the Flaherty administration.

What does Flaherty bring o the table that's not already there? Why should he be the next Mayor? Is it because he doesn't want to be a Councilor anymore? Or because he was pressured into running for Mayor? He has done nothing for the City of Boston as a City Councilor except collect a check, and now he wants to be Mayor? Give me a break! Stop trying to fool us. All of a sudden Flats is showing up to all of our community events? Thanks, but no thanks! I want the guy that has really been there the last 16 years. Not the phonies we are seeing now!

how much money is being spent? No wonder Menino didn't come to an agreement with those jakes. Keep standing up to them, you've got my vote.

This isn't supposed to be a fight. The Boston Firefighters aren't deliberately not negotiating, they just want a reasonable contract. The story was miss-guided at best. Technically these guys work 48 hours a week and get 2 weeks vacation just like everybody else. Frasier had no business trying to paint such a distorted picture of the Boston Fire Department, the same department by which his is employed mind you. This is the same leader of the department that couldn't even verify which truck and ladder companies were out of commission due to faulty mechanics. Maybe we should be looking at what management like Frasier is making to see if any fat can be cut. I am by no means a political advocate, however I know I don't want a bully who lays blame with everyone but himself for a mayor. Menino has been at the helm for quite some time, if this city is turning to crap whose fault is it really?

Mennino "IS" THE MAYOR !!!
Please dont insult our intellect..

It's becoming clear what dorchester wants. "as Dorchester Votes, so does the City of Boston Vaote"

I had no idea that they had the internet in all of the fire houses!

That's hilarious!

Lets get Mayor Menino out of office and get a new Mayor in there with different ideas and hopefully bring our great city back were it belongs at the tops of our country.


It's no surprise that these are tough economic times; and remember it's not just the City of Boston that's feeling the pains of the economy, it's world-wide. Mayor Menino's proven track record of leadership and dedication is what Boston needs to "weather the storm" and pull through the recession. The Mayor has shown us that he's a man of the people. Now it's time to show him support because he's always supported the City and its best interests.Now is the time where hard work and experience pay will pay off, now is not the time for charismatic promises of change. We need a Mayor who knows how to get in there and take care of business. I have faith that the Mayor will put Boston back on top.

Which candidate is better than Menino? Let's turn the clock back to 1993. The City was a real dump. The South End and Mission Hill were the worst parts of the City. You couldn't walk through Fort Hill at night. City services were aweful!!! Now let's get to the present. Most can't afford to live in these neighborhoods. We have a lot more cops on the street. City services are great. We have good schools all around the City. Why would anyone want Menino out? I want 12 more years!!!

How many shootings were there last week?

How many shootings were there last week?

"Which candidate is better than Menino? Let's turn the clock back to 1993. The City was a real dump. The South End and Mission Hill were the worst parts of the City. You couldn't walk through Fort Hill at night. City services were aweful!!! Now let's get to the present. Most can't afford to live in these neighborhoods. We have a lot more cops on the street. City services are great. We have good schools all around the City. Why would anyone want Menino out? I want 12 more years"

You walk through Fort Hill @ Night? Really do it walk up Cedar st @ 1:00am.....

Menino fixed The South End and Mission Hill?

The guy that wants everyone home @ night by 10:00pm....

Restaurants/entrepreneurs/brownestones brought those areas back.... Tommy boy had nothing to do with it

Question. Which candidate is better than Menino? Answer - Any candidate especially Michael Flaherty (Mayor in November by the way.) I do not know what city or planet you live on but city services are terrible. We have more under performing schools than we have performing schools. Crime is out of control and Tom Menino is a ego maniac who is out of touch with this city and certainly it's citizens.

Do you have to be drug tested to vote?????

Looks like a two and a half man race! How many times will they let you vote?

Just a two man race!

Well I love both candiates . I belive we should allow Mayor Menino to finsh the work he started with the City.. Schools neighborhoods & housing looks beautiful throughout the City... Shopping districts in the neighborhoods look great....I think Michael will be mayor someday just not right now.. We should allow Tom Menino to finish the job he started. Shame on the Fire Dept... ( they are a disgrace... All City unions witht he exception of them are drug tested...If you have nothing to be afraid of then what is the problem.. They should all be put in daycare for the antics never mind the cost they have handed us city taxpayers for police detail at there protest and other antics throughout the city...Bravo to Tom for standing up against this powerful Union... Well I Love Michael and have worked for both candiates I think he should wait a little bit and let Tom Menino finish the vision.. Michael will be a great mayor when the current great mayor finshes his vision which as only benefited all of us... Schools neighborhoods, libraries, shopping districts, housing. police & yes fire staions all are looking wonderful Mr. Mayor... I'm sure Michaels vision will be just as great when his time comes to be the mayor...

Exactly how long does it take to finish?? If you cant do it in 13 years then you should move on! Again if you follow the fire dept. is not against drug testing they just dont want it added after negotiations have closed.. every other department got something in return for the testing through contract negotiations. Also you say neighborhoods, police, and fire stations look good, apparently you haven't been inside any of them or had to spend any amount of time there because you certainly wouldn't be saying that, maybe you live in beacon hill, or right next to tommy boy in a mansion unobtainable to the rest of us citizens in the neighborhoods that Boston is mainly comprised of!

well put & right on the money Bravo to this writer!!!

really indicative of the electorate .... we expect more of a classy paper like the Reporter

Why? Sells 90% of its copies to Neponset, yet you have to dig through the paper to see any news on it. Ruben Stoddard is on the front page for christ sakes.

As far as who is best for the job....it is not even close. Wake me the next time Flaherty has an original stance on anything. I wont even get into the hipocracy in his "transparacy in city hall" attempts. Is he not the guy who was sued for closed meetings on the council? If you have spent more then 10 minutes with him you would know he is vapid and entitled. Doesnt hide it well. McCrea has good ideas, but has no chance as an outsider, plus he doesnt do a good enough job of hiding his odd personality. Yoon.......see ya later. The Mayor is getting hammered for being a mayor for too long. What an assault.

You sound like a McCrea or Yoon supporter? Just get used to it!