Increase seen in daytime housebreaks in Area C-11

After a drop-off in February, residential housebreaks are on the increase again in Area C-11, the police district that covers most of eastern Dorchester. Captain Richard Sexton, the commander of C-11, says that the district recorded 34 breaking and entering incidents last month. There were 23 incidents in February.
Sexton says that police made several good arrests of burglary suspects in March, but warns that there has been a bump in activity in the Savin Hill and St. Mark's Areas in recent weeks.
On the positive side, Sexton notes that street robberies declined in March. There were 18 reports of robberies in March, as opposed to 38 in February.
C-11 cops captured two suspects in March that Sexton believes may have been responsible for other incidents. One arrest occurred on March 19 when cops were called to the scene of two attempted B&E's- one on Pleasant Street and a second on Sagamore St. A 60 year-old suspect was arrested in that instance after allegedly trying to break into local homes through doors and windows.
On March 16, police arrested a 20 year-old man for breaking into a Grampian Way home. Police recovered a number of household items - including a computer, video games, jewelry and a plasma TV- that the suspect had allegedly stolen and left stacked outside the residence. The suspect, who led police on a brief foot chase, had been spotted on the scene by officers on routine patrol in the Savin Hill area.


Only way the BPD catches anyone is by accident, or some citizen makes a call. Detective work happens on TV not in the neighborhoods hard to get them to answer a call in a timely manner no matter what the call is........most don't live where they work so they have no vested interest in making your nieghborhood safer after all if there was no crime we wouldn't need them right? and if the crime leaves here and goes to their neighborhood well thats just not acceptable is it?

Take a sad Song and make it better

Rich Carney

I happen to be on the street and saw the kid and saw the police get him. They did a great job and their patrolling the area certainly made a differece. Keep an eye out everyone!!! Let's keep "OTB" safe and desirable.

why keep just "OTB" safe and desirable? why not the other side?

It's up to people on the "otherside" to keep a watchful eye on what's going on. Desirable? Clean your sidewalks yourselves, pick up trash along side the streets. Your neighborhood will only safe and desirable if you put the effort into it. See something not right call the police. Do not wait.

FYI: the "lowlife" on Grampian was caught only because the neighbors had called the police in time. Second time in a month. Crime Watch works.

the perp was caught because of an alert patrolman who noticed something was not right, long before any calls were made.