Red Line shut-down in Dot for weekend

A reminder to all those planning their travels via public transport this weekend: Service on the Dorchester leg of the Red Line is suspended all weekend as construction work continues at the new Ashmont Station. This is the second of two consecutive weekend subway shut-downs. Shuttle buses are running along Dot Ave. between Ashmont and JFK-UMass through the end of the service day on Sunday. More from the T here.



Thanks for the reminder! I'd love to see the T have the shuttle buses stopping at only the designated shuttle stops instead of any local stop someone rings for. It's frustrating enough to have to spend months at a time being shuttled on the weekend, let alone having the shuttle buses stop every three blocks!

On a side note - when I lived in DC the Metro would often "single track" trains if one of the tracks at a station wasn't available. It seems like the work at Ashmont happens on one side at a time and this could be an option for the MBTA. Why doesn't the MBTA ever single track instead of running shuttles? Seems like it would be more efficient and keep customers happier when they run into problems like they did at Porter yesterday or times like the construction at Ashmont.