DEEP Essays: Super Kids with Super Powers

Project DEEP Students
Apr. 16, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, ... it's a ten-year old,

Project D.E.E.P. asked its students this year to imagine if they had super powers and then write about those powers and what they would do with them. Many of these middle school children dreamed about having the ability to fly, while several others chose more creative super powers, like super digging and super intelligence. The students wrote excellent, imaginative essays, but, more important, they also showed a caring side, as so many of them used their new abilities to help people.
This is evident in the following four essays, the ones which were judged to be the most well-written. Coincidentally, all four of these children attend the Murphy School. Unsurprisingly, they all wrote wonderful essays, in which they had fun with their super powers but also helped others at the same time.

My Superpower
by Olivia Baldassari, Grade 5

Have you ever heard of the Make-a-Wish Foundation? The Make-a-Wish Foundation is an organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Of course, they can’t grant every wish because some wishes aren’t possible. But, what if someone could grant them any wish? What if that someone was me? If I could choose to have any superpower in the world I would want to have the power to grant wishes. It would be a lot of fun, and I could help people. I know that with great power comes with great responsibility, so I would have to be very cautious. After all, I wouldn’t want to turn into a super villain! 

My first duty as a wish granter would be to help people in need. It would be amazing to go to all the children’s hospitals and grant wishes to sick kids. If they wished to be cured, I would actually have the power to make them better. I could also grant wishes to adults who are sick and help them get better too. If somebody wished right, I could grant a wish that all diseases would be cured. Imagine if we never had to worry about the people we love getting sick? I suppose all the doctors in the world wouldn’t have jobs anymore, but that’s all right because I could grant them a wish to find a new job.

My abilities to help people would be limitless. I could help the homeless and the poor. I could even save the planet. Just think, if someone wished for global warming to stop, it could save all the penguins! If there was no more global warming then the oceans would stop rising and the world wouldn’t flood. I would actually be saving the world! However, I’m not sure I could take all the credit because someone else would have to wish for it. I guess that would be the real trick, getting people to wish for the right things. That’s where the complications of my super power come in.

Having the power to grant wishes would make me very popular and not always in a good way. Everybody would be looking for me so that I could grant them wishes. What if the things they wished for were bad and could hurt people? That would be a real problem. I think I would have to wish for the power to stop a wish from coming true if it could hurt someone. Another challenge I may face is greed. Some people might just waste their wishes on expensive cars or clothes instead of wishing to save the planet. To solve this problem I think I would have to impose a one-wish-per-person rule. Maybe if people realize they only have one wish they might use it wisely. Finally, the most challenging part of my superpower would be trusting myself with it. I would have to be very careful to never make a wish out of anger such as, “I wish my parents would leave me alone.” I would have to make sure I didn’t get greedy and use all the wishes on myself. Having a superpower can be dangerous if you’re careless.

Overall even though it would be cool to have a superpower there are still a lot of risks that go with it. I’m not sure that I’m quite ready for that kind of responsibility yet. After all I’m only 10. I guess for now I will have to use my regular human powers to try to help people, the planet, and of course the penguins. 

My Super Power
by Luke Harrington, Grade 5

If I could have any super power, it would be to have the ability to control the weather regardless of the season.  That way I would be able to control the weather and change it to whatever temperature I want it to be.  I would have the ability to control the seasons to help people and to also have some fun myself.

To use my super power, I would just have to use my mind to think of the weather I want, and it would change to that weather.  Sometimes I would use my super power for fun, but mostly I would use my super power to help people.  I would be limited to using my powers for good and not evil.

Some fun that I would have would be to be able to cancel school by making it snow too much or making it too icy.  For example, if I didn’t do a subject for homework, then I could think about it being too icy for school, and then the next day it would be too icy to go outside.  If I wanted to go swimming in the winter, I could change the weather to hot so I could go swimming.  Also, if my friends and I wanted to go sledding in July, I could change the weather so it was cold and snowing in summer and we could go sledding.  I could also have fun with practical jokes.  If my dad was going swimming in the summer, I could change the weather to freezing when he was wearing his bathing suit.

If I had a super power, I would use it to help people.  With my super power, if there was a lost traveler in a harsh environment, I could change the weather to a warm temperature so he wouldn’t freeze to death in the cold; then that traveler would be safe.  Another problem I could help people with is the droughts in Africa.  I could make it rain so the African people could have water and take a break from their annually hot climate.  I could also help farmers with the rain so that their crops would grow on time or even in surplus.  I could also help people who are having trouble driving on icy roads by heating the roads so the ice would melt and it would be safe to drive.

With my new powers, I would also have problems along the way.  One of the problems is disagreements among people.  For example, if I want it to be hot, some people might want it cold; then if I changed the weather back to cold, maybe other people would want it to stay warm.  Another problem is global warming.  If I go to Greenland or Antarctica and I am cold so I make it warm, the ice would melt and the animals there that live in the cold would have a difficult time living.  In the end, having a super power would be a big responsibility; but despite the problems, I would still try to help as many people as possible and have a little fun, too.

My Super Power
by Isaac Butler, Grade 5

There are many superheroes with cool super powers, but none of them have the power that I want. If I could have any super power of my choice, I would like to have the ability to change into any animal. I think it might be useful to be an animal other than a human. I could also have fun playing jokes on my friends without them knowing that it was me. This power would help me in my everyday life, and it would help other people too.

I would like to have the power to change into any animal that is living today. The animal could not be extinct, though, because it might give away my identity if people saw a dinosaur roaming the streets. I would like to keep my identity secret, because if people knew about my power, everybody would be asking for my help. Or if one or two of my friends found out, they might try to tell one of their friends about it, and they would either not be believed and get made fun of, or it would lead right back to everybody asking for my help. It would be simpler to just stay secret.

I can think of many ways to have fun with this power. There are well over a million species of animals. I would never get tired of turning into different animals if there are this many to choose from. One thing I would look forward to would be to see the world from the perspective of a platypus. I know I would choose some animals that I like more than others. I could soar like an eagle, run as fast as a cheetah, be as strong as an elephant, or swing from the trees and vines like an orangutan. Some other animals, like a mouse, could be useful if I want a snack from one of the kitchen cabinets in my house, or if I need to eavesdrop on people. Another bonus from being able to change into an animal is that I wouldn’t have to think of a Halloween costume every year, I could just be different animals.

The ability to change into other animals could help people with many different situations. For example, if someone was being threatened by a raccoon in the woods, I could turn into a bear and scare it off. If someone is lost at night I could turn myself into an owl and guide them back home. If my sister wanted to look cool in front of her friends I could turn into a very obedient dog and even show off some tricks. Some disadvantages that could happen are attracting fleas, or being vulnerable to a larger and more ferocious animal than I have transformed myself into, putting myself in danger.

Overall, I think it would be fun to experience the world as many different animals. When in animal form, it would be cool to get other animals to befriend each other. I could also learn how other animals communicate together, which would be interesting. The ability to change into any animal I’d like at any time would be exhilarating, and it could help people in the world who are being threatened by animals and need my help.

Mach V
by Patrick Murray, Grade 6

“Calling Mach V, Calling Mach V.” That’s me. I am a normal person with a slight, well, super power. My name is Rapido Gonzalez or “Mach V” as I am known at Area 51. My super power came about when I was creating a new jet fuel that would make planes and bombers super fast. I looked away for a second and I was contaminated and given a super power, super speed.

With this super power I became capable of countless things, but I had one little problem: I could not be controlled. My speed was so fast that I needed to learn how to harness my power. I had many problems in the early going, like the time when I was going 90 miles per hour in a 65 miles-per-hour zone and was ticketed for $259.00. Then there was the time when I ran the Boston Marathon in 17 minutes and the race monitors didn’t believe I ran the full course and took away my medal. As you can tell, having a super power is nothing if you can’t control it.

Super speed gives me many opportunities and also a lot of money. One of my favorite things about having super speed is being able to help my community. One of my favorite jobs is working on the police unit. After I was ticketed they offered me a job on the squad, but I don’t even need a cruiser because I can catch fugitives on foot. There was one time when there was a stolen Lamborghini cruising down the highway at 123 miles per hour and I caught up to the vehicle on foot and apprehended the suspect. Helping the community is the best part of having a super power.

In my spare time I use abilities that are enjoyable for me. One of my favorite abilities is being able to travel all around the world with little cost and little time. My favorite vacation spot would have to be Costa Rica, and I can be there in a little under an hour when there’s no traffic. I also got to do something a lot of fun over the summer. I traveled to Beijing and ran track and field for Team USA. My favorite part of that experience was seeing Usain Bolt’s face when he was celebrating with 20 meters to go and then realized I was already at the finish line.

There are many responsibilities with having a super power. You have to make sure you help people and not hurt anyone. With super speed you have many cool abilities but many duties such as harnessing your power. You get the highs and lows of a power with speed, so when the time comes to choose your power, choose wisely.