Two sought for series of street robberies

Boston Police are looking for two men for a series of robberies in the area of Welles, Talbot and Dorchester avenues.

In a community alert, District C-11 describes both suspects as black, in their 20s, about 5'9" with slim builds. One is further described as light skinned with light skin, braids and a goatee, possibly wearing a black jacket with team logo on it. The other is described as being dark skinned and clean shaven, possibly wearing a navy-blue hoody. The two might be traveling with a third person, no description available.

If you spot them, call 911, police advise.


There have been a series of break in's (3 or 4) on Buttonwood street in Savin Hill as well, during the day, as well as car theft, but i don't see any reports on the crime map or any increase in patrols.

That limits the search to about 10,000 suspects......

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Rich Carney