Stepped up patrols in Savin Hill lead to gun, drug bust

Boston Police have stepped up their patrols in Savin Hill this week in response to a string of high-profile incidents, including a brawl last Friday outside a troubled house on Savin Hill Ave. The extra presence seems to be paying off: On Wednesday night, a team of cops busted up an apparent drug deal that began at the corner of Dot Ave. and Savin Hill Avenue and resulted in three arrests for gun and drug charges after a traffic stop in South Boston.

The arrests came after Boston cops observed two female suspects in front of the Rite-Aid Pharmacy on Dorchester Ave. enter a white Honda Civic and pull away. As police followed the vehicle, they observed the two passengers in the back "appear to make a drug exchange" with someone in the front seat. Police pulled the vehicle over around 9:30 p.m. on Old Colony Boulevard in South Boston after the driver made a moving violation, according to the report.

The driver, a man, was known to police in the BPD's Drug Control Unit and had been arrested before for distribution of cocaine, according to the incident report. After a search of the vehicle and the suspects, police found one passenger was holding two packages containing a quantity of crack cocaine. One bag of marijuana were also seized from the car. Police also located a loaded .22 caliber handgun under the passenger's seat.

An inventory conducted at the C-11 station found that there were 32 bags of white rock substance thought to be crack in the bag, along with 25 Klonipin pills.

Arrested in the incident were Ruark Bond and Ada Pantoja of Dorchester and Kathleen Haufler of South Boston.