Fairmount line planning meeting set for Nov. 17

City planning officials will host a community meeting next month for residents along the Fairmount commuter rail line as they seek to encourage economic development along the 9.2 mile-long corridor. About 160,000 residents live along the Fairmount line, which runs from South Station and Readville, hitting Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan on the way.

The meeting is set for Sat., Nov. 17, at 8:30 a.m. at the Kroc Community Center on Dudley Street.

A mayoral advisory group spearheading the two-year initiative has been meeting since February; the Cecil Group, based in Fort Point, has been tapped as consultants for the project.

The meetings come as transportation officials wrap up work on most of the four commuter rail stations they’re adding to the Fairmount Line: the Newmarket stop, by the South Bay Shopping Center; Four Corners, between Washington Street and Geneva Avenue.; Talbot Avenue, near Codman Square; and Blue Hill Avenue, near Mattapan Square. The stations are in various stages of construction and design, with a total price tag of $176 million.

The initiative has broken down the racial makeup of the Fairmount corridor as follows: African-American (49 percent), Hispanics or Latinos (18 percent), whites (19 percent), and Asians (7 percent).

More information on the planning initiative is available at fairmountindigoplanning.org/