Menino: Heads up, Boston; snow's about to fly

Reporter Staff
Dec. 28, 2012

The Mayor Menino's office issued a "Winter Weather Advisory" today, warning city residents to take steps to prepare for the season's first significant snowfall- now expected to hit between mid-day Saturday into Sunday. The city could see up to 6 inches of snow by some forecasts.

In a statement, Menino office said, “The City is preparing for winter weather and we’re asking residents to do the same. Our team will be actively monitoring this weather pattern through the evening tonight, and are prepared to respond and get our roads and walkways clear in time for First Night celebrations on Monday. With so many people coming to visit Boston for First Night, safety is our number one concern.”

Menino advised residents to:

• Use public transportation when possible and avoid driving vehicles on slippery roads to keep roadways clear for plowing equipment and emergency vehicles.
• Property owners are reminded to salt and sand sidewalks, stairs and pedestrian ramps to prevent slippery surfaces.
• Residents are encouraged to shovel out hydrants and catch basins near or abutting their property to assist our public safety agencies and protect against flooding.
• Please check on elderly or vulnerable neighbors who may need help.
• Use caution when walking near buildings that may have falling snow or ice
• Parking rules are strictly enforced during snow storms. Do not block driveways, crosswalks or ramps, and do not park within 20 feet of an intersection.

The Mayor’s 24-Hour Hotline at 617-635-4500 is the best bet for snow-related questions and complaints.
To receive notifications, register for the city’s Alert Boston network at On Twitter, follow @NotifyBoston.