Police charge Mattapan man sold pot he prepared on his morning bus ride


The MBTA Transit Police Department reports arresting a Mattapan man Tuesday morning on charges he sold marijuana to teenagers at the Forest Hills T stop.

Police say Enrico Joseph, 23, would prepare his daily inventory of pot in plastic bags while sitting in his wheelchair on the 6:15 a.m. 30 bus between the Sunoco station on Cummins Highway in Mattapan and the Forest Hills busway. Two plainclothes officers boarded the bus at a stop before his on Tuesday after T police received a number of anonymous complaints from annoyed passengers and at least one bus driver:

"It has been reported that on numerous occasions while on the bus Enrico Joseph has marijuana in plain view of other passengers as he appears to be putting small amounts of the marijuana in individual plastic bags. Once at Forest Hills Station it was reported that Joseph would meet up with various young men who appeared to buy the marijuana from him."

Police say the officers went into the station and watched as Enrico went behind an ATM twice and handed a teen a plastic bag containing several smaller bags. When Enrico went behind the ATM again and appeared to sell another kid some pot, he and the first teen were arrested on pot-distribution charges, police say.