Prosecutors vow to retry Moore for Mattapan massacre

A Suffolk Superior Court jury on Thursday acquitted Edward Washington of the quadruple murder on Woolson Street.

The jury deadlocked on murder charges against Dwayne Moore and the judge in the case declared a mistrial.

As the Boston Police Department stepped up patrols in the Woolson Street area - and the city assigned social workers to the neighborhood - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office vowed to bring Moore to trial again as soon as possible. In a statement, District Attorney Dan Conley said "I want to make clear from the outset that we have every intention of holding Dwayne Moore accountable. Today's mistrial does not change our position that he pulled the trigger on five human beings, killing four and paralyzing one. We are steadfast in the decision to continue moving forward against him. These crimes demand justice and the evidence supports a conviction."