Holiday tree lighting tour begins today at 3p.m.

A full-on flurry of tree lighting ceremonies will begin this Saturday as neighborhood volunteers join with officials to “light and unite” the city. The Dorchester Holiday Celebrations Committee will launch the seasonal event with a ten-stop trolley tour that begins in Lower Mills at Meetinghouse Bank at 3:10 p.m. on Nov. 30. The traditional tour will then follow a route to Port Norfolk’s Redfield St. (3:30); Harbor Point (4); Meetinghouse Hill at Rev. Allen Park (4:30); the Strand Theatre in Uphams Corner (5); Blessed Mother Teresa Church (5:30); Ryan Playground (6); Fields Corner at Park St. Clock (6:30); King Street Playground (7); and Peabody Square/Ashmont station (7:30).

Adams Corner will have its own tree lighting event on Fri., Dec. 6 at 7:45 p.m. as part of the Mayor’s Trolley Tour. Other stops on that Dec. 6 tour will include Mattapan Square at 6:45 and Codman Square at 7:15. Pope’s Hill will host its own tree lighting event on Sat., Dec. 7 at Neponset Circle.