Morrissey legend Lou Pasquale celebrates his 87th birthday

Shown with Lou Pasquale on his 87th birthday are friends (l-r) Mike Owens, Phil Buswell, Paul Nash, Andrew Wilbur, Luz Beto, Craig Pearson, Lou Pasquale, Mike Sweeney, Denise Choukas and Paula Hanlon. The group presented Pasquale, the longtime manager at Phillips Banquets and Meetings on Morrissey Boulevard, with a birthday cake. Photo by Bill Forry

A group of friends, admirers and co-workers surprised Lou Pasquale, the longtime Phillips Family Properties manager, with an impromptu birthday party at the Phillips restaurant on Tuesday. Pasquale, who turned 87 this week, has been a fixture at the Morrissey Boulevard eatery and adjacent hotels, bowling alley and candy house since the 1950s.

A Marine veteran of World War II who spends much of his time caring for fellow disabled vets, Pasquale began his post-war career as a bricklayer. In 1957, he left the full-time pursuit of the building trades to focus on what has become a lifetime of service to the Phillips Family’s campus and— by extension—Dorchester and it people. He’s still a daily presence at the restaurant.

“Every day I get up and I can’t wait to go to work,” Pasquale told the Reporter in 2006. “It’s like my family…I’m still a builder by trade. I try to build people up, no matter who, what or where they’re from.”
On Tuesday, Lou was surrounded by Phillips’ regulars — some of whom left work early to join in the mid-day celebration, organized by his friend Paul Nash of Savin Hill and by Phillips Banquet and Meetings general manager Andrew Wilbur.

“They really faked me out,” laughed Pasquale, who admited he was “overwhelmed” by his friends and colleagues show of affection for him.

“We have a beautiful team of people here,” said Pasquale.