Richard family launches charitable foundation in New Year's message

Jan. 6, 2014

Martin RichardMartin Richard The Richard family of Dorchester— whose son Martin Richard was killed in the Boston Marathon terror attack in April 2013— issued a New Year’s message on Monday in which they detail their most recent activities, including the launch of a new foundation in Martin’s memory. Martin’s parents— Bill and Denise Richard —were both injured and their 7 year-old daughter Jane lost her left leg in the explosion that killed Martin on Boylston Street. Their older son, 10 year-old Henry, was also at the scene, but was not injured in the attack. The new foundation—the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation— will operate as “Team MR8”— a nod to his initials and favorite number and age. The foundation — which has just been created on Jan. 2 and is awaiting routine approval from the state— will serve as a way for Martin to be remembered, his parents explained. “The mission of Team MR8 is ‘to honor Martin’s message of ‘No more hurting people – peace’ by investing in education, athletics and community’,” the Richards wrote. The foundation will recruit a team of charity runners for the 2014 Boston Marathon— a process that will be handled through a new website, “Our lives have changed forever, but many things stay the same. We miss Martin deeply – more than any words on paper could possibly describe. We persevere, trying to live as normal a life as possible for our sake and for the sake of our children. Through all we have been through, it has become obvious that we need to fill the emptiness we continue to feel. Martin will forever be a part of us, but we also feel an obligation to make sure the world remembers him and his message,” they wrote. The message — which was posted on the Richard family’s official website,, began with a reflection of the year that just passed— “the most difficult year of our lives.” “We are often asked how are we doing. The short answer is we are continuing to heal and doing our best to live our lives. Everyday life is busy with school and sports, daily chores and longer-term house projects. Lately we find ourselves shoveling out like everybody else in greater Boston. We are also spending time with family and friends who continue to be a tremendous source of strength for us. “Medical appointments still consume many hours of every week, but our healing progresses. Jane is walking with a new prosthesis, and to our surprise is playing basketball for her CYO team (please don’t tell her doctors!). Martin would be a 4th grader on that same team with Jane. We know he would be out there making sure Jane got her opportunities to score and being the floor general he always was. Henry is busy maintaining good grades as a sixth grader, preparing himself for that big transition into 7th grade. “We still have many people to meet and thank, some who risked their own lives for our family and others on Boylston Street that day: citizen bystanders, doctors, first responders and others. ”