Pop-infused ‘Pirates’ finds new legs at the Huntington

Nowadays you’d have to keelhaul most young playgoers to get them to see an “operetta.” But since a Gilbert and Sullivan classic has been repackaged as a rollicking musical, audiences are going overboard in praising the Huntington Theatre Company’s season-closer.  Read more

Neighborhood kids bring unique harmonies to the Strand

As they did last year, the Boston Children’s Chorus (BCC) will hold its end-of-the-year concert at the Strand Theater in Uphams Corner. Co-sponsored by the City of Boston, this special season-wrapping performance will take place Saturday, May 30 from 2 to 4 pm. It is free and open to the public.  Read more

Boston Home art show set for next weekend

The Boston Home will host its sixth annual “At Home with the Arts” exhibition and sale on Sunday, May 31. The event will feature work by residents of the Boston Home, a Residence and Center for Care adults with advanced Multiple Sclerosis and other progressive neurological diseases. All art sales will benefit The Boston Home’s innovative arts program for the resident artists including watercolor painting classes taught three times a week by local artist Susan Krause using adaptive technologies developed at the Boston Home.  Read more

Ball in the House gets big break on Today Show

Ball in the House: The Dot-based quintet made a big splash on the Today Show on Monday, May 17.Ball in the House: The Dot-based quintet made a big splash on the Today Show on Monday, May 17.The Dorchester-based R&B/Soul group Ball in the House won a Today Show talent competition on Monday — and a spot on the program “America’s Got Talent” later this summer. Jon Ryan, the Granite Street native and beat-box extraordinaire who co-founded the group, is pictured above (far right) with Today Show’s Meredith Viera and bandmates, l-r, Dan Szymczak, Ryan Chappelle, Dave Guisti, and Aaron Loveland. For more on the group and their music, see  Read more

Hibernian Hall hosts unconventional Shakespeare troupe in ‘Much Ado’

In fall 2006, the Actors Shakespeare Project (ASP) wowed critics and audiences alike with its switcheroo Hamlet at the Strand Theater. The troupe, known for its inventive staging often in unconventional venues, put the audience onstage and used the house as part of the acting space.

This week, nearly three years later, ASP returns to the neighborhoods with another innovative production, this time of a comedy, and the company is inviting all Dorchester and Roxbury residents to see the show at a 50 percent discount.  Read more

Dot's talents bring new life to classic Annie!

Spring is the season for end-of-the-semester musicals, and troupes of talented kids and teens are currently executing tricky choreography and belting out showstoppers right here in Dorchester.  Read more

Graffiti leaves trail of hate along Neponset Greenway

Bike trail graffiti: An worker paints over a racist slogan along the Neponset bike trail near Butler Street MBTA station on Tuesday, April 28, 2009. Photo by Ed ForryBike trail graffiti: A worker paints over a racist slogan along the Neponset bike trail near Butler Street MBTA station on Tuesday, April 28, 2009. Photo by Ed ForryVandals left a spray-painted trail of racist insults, swastikas and obscene images up and down the scenic Neponset Greenway this weekend, leaving state officials scrambling to clean-up the mess and neighbors outraged by the graphic destruction of public property.  Read more

Abaka honored for direction of '08 play

Akiba Abaka: Director of the year for "In the Continuum"Akiba Abaka: Director of the year for "In the Continuum"It is a classic case of an always-the-bridesmaid finally becoming a bride. Last Monday, Dorchester resident Akiba Abaka headed to the 12th annual presentation of the Independent Reviewers of New England Awards (IRNE’S) for the umpteenth time. As founder and producing artistic director of Up You Mighty Race theatre company, she had been nominated 10 times over the years and had always gone home with memories, but no award.  Read more

Crowd-pleasing Big Apple Circus delivers big fun at City Hall Plaza

Music and dance thematically link routines from around the world in “Play On,” the largely new 31st annual edition of the Big Apple Circus, currently at City Hall Plaza.

A few performances during the first half still need tuning up, like the singing of British ringmistress Carrie Harvey and the low-wire boogy-ing of Sarah Schwarz. But the identical twin La Salle brothers have always incorporated jazz dancing into their mirror-image juggling and acrobatic routine, making their “Double Time” a perfect fit for the overall musical motif.  Read more

Grants allow art teachers to travel and expand their own horizons

Jozeph Zaremba, a longtime Dorchester art teacher will at last get in touch with his artist roots – by studying in Florence.

“Wow! I am so excited to receive a Teachers as Artists grant!  It allows me to become a student again and validates the importance of art in teaching and learning,” he said this week.  Read more