Landlord set to sell his key properties in Adams Village

Arthur S. Murphy owns property on both sides of Adams Street, including the two-story commercial building at 526 Gallivan Blvd., shown on the right. Photo by Bill Forry

The owner of two key commercial buildings in Adams Corner intends to sell his high-profile properties, a move that is likely to trigger a new round of redevelopment in Dorchester’s gateway village.

Arthur S. Murphy controls the flagship two-story corner building at 526 Gallivan Blvd. that houses Windy City and China Sky restaurants and the Butcher Shop, along with other office space. Murphy also owns an assortment of storefront condo units along Adams Street. He told the Reporter last week that he is entertaining offers for his entire Adams Corner portfolio.  Read more

Vietnamese eatery Anh Hong deserves ‘Best of Boston’ props

Hong Tran, Special to the Reporter
Aug. 14, 2014

Anh HongAnh Hong

It’s common knowledge among Bostonian Vietnamese and increasingly Dorchester’s worst kept secret: one may not find better, more authentic Vietnamese food elsewhere than here in the Dot. Indeed Dorchester is home to one of the fastest growing Vietnamese enclaves in all of America. Thanks to an array of outstanding Vietnamese establishments, Dorchester is hands-down the Vietnamese food capital of Boston.

Amidst the culinary heavyweights in restaurant-dense Fields Corner neighborhood, Anh Hong still rises to the top with its beef-times-seven magic, the signature dish bo bay mon (seven-course beef). In fact, the original venture by Julie Thai scored a hat trick vote by Boston Magazine as Boston’s best Vietnamese restaurant from 2011 and to 2013. This year, the magazine also votes Anh Hong the Best Neighborhood Restaurant in Dorchester.  Read more

The bike builder of Bowdoin Street

Kimberley Theodore, Special to the Reporter
Aug. 14, 2014

Noah Hicks, 28, worked on a bike at his Bowdoin Street repair shop.Noah Hicks, 28, worked on a bike at his Bowdoin Street repair shop.

Noah Hicks, a lifelong resident of Blakeville Street, refers to himself as “The Bike Builder.”

Hicks, 28, grew up with four brothers and they often rode their bikes together around their Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood. With a house full of boys, his parents encouraged their kids to be active. They too owned and rode bikes.

Hicks outgrew bicycling as he got older, but he returned to it in his early 20’s as it became an affordable alternative to public transportation or cars.

“My thing is I was pretty broke so I ended up just experimenting on how to save myself a few dollars and fix a bike I bought that was in God-awful shape. By doing that, I was able to safe myself a few dollars,” said Hicks.  Read more

New buyer sought for Lower Mills eatery Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones: Lower Mills eatery closed in May. Photo by Bill ForryMrs. Jones: Lower Mills eatery closed in May. Photo by Bill ForryMrs. Jones, a soul food eatery at 2255 Dorchester Avenue, shut its doors in May after its namesake owner fell ill. The popular Lower Mills take-out restaurant could re-open under new management, according to the building’s landlord, if the right buyer is found to continue Mrs. Jones’ business.

“I’ve had at least 20 interviews and I recently met with someone for second time who is interested in the space and the equipment,” explained Bill Shaffer, who owns the building that houses the restaurant.

Shaffer said that Mrs. Jones asked him to act as a broker to sell her business to a qualified buyer. “There’s been a tremendous amount of inquiry. Everyone wants it to remain a soul food restaurant.”  Read more

Take a virtual tour of the Fields Corner Business Lab

Photographer Mike Ritter and Fields Corner Business Lab co-owner John Mauldin inside the business lab.

Now you can tour the state-of-the art Fields Corner Business Lab without ever having to leave your desk.  Read more

Adams Corner’s ‘Sonny’ Elia dead at 88

Sonny Elia: The elder restauranteur, left, was shown with his son Richard outside his restaurant in Adams Corner in 1999. Photo by Bill ForrySonny Elia: The elder restauranteur, left, was shown with his son Richard outside his restaurant in Adams Corner in 1999. Photo by Bill ForryAlexander J. “Sonny” Elia, who owned and operated the eponymous Adams Corner bar and restaurant for close to six decades, died this week at age 88 after a brief illness.

Mr. Elia was a fixture in Dorchester beginning in 1968 when he bought an Adams Street bar then known as Amaru’s Café. Prior to that, Elia and his extended family ran a popular luncheonette in the South End called The Colonial. In a 1999 interview with the Reporter, Sonny recalled that the Adams Corner business proved so challenging that he initially regretted the decision to buy it and attempted to sell it back to the Amaru family.  Read more

Landsmark appointed to BRA Board

Gintautas Dumcius, State House News Service
Jul. 29, 2014

Dr. Theodore Landsmark, the president and CEO of Boston Architectural College, has been tapped as a member of the Boston Redevelopment Authority’s board of directors. Mayor Martin Walsh’s office announced the appointment, which must still be approved by the City Council, on Tuesday morning.  Read more

Fields Corner-based MassCOSH focuses on worker safety

Dave Eisenstadter, Special to the Reporter
Jul. 25, 2014

When Marcy Goldstein-Gelb hears something described as a “freak accident,” a buzzer goes off in her head.

Executive director of the Dorchester-based Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MassCOSH), Goldstein-Gelb said many accidents described that way could have been predicted and avoided.

“In most cases, it has happened before and will happen again unless we do something,” said Goldstein-Gelb.

MassCOSH’s mission is to advocate for workers facing unsafe conditions, particularly teens and immigrants, who are the most vulnerable, according to Goldstein-Gelb.  Read more

Let’s support those who are pushing for changes in the liquor license law

Imagine this: You’re pulling into the driveway of your home after a long drive on top of a rough day. “Home at last,” you think to yourself as you turn the key and open the front door only to hear your wife call out, “Honey, we’re eating out tonight, okay?”  Read more

Longtime civic leader Rosanne Foley takes charge in Fields Corner

Lauren Dezenski, Reporter Staff
Jul. 24, 2014

Rosanne FoleyRosanne FoleyFields Corner is about to get a shot in the arm from one of its most active and avid supporters: Rosanne Foley.

A Dorchester resident since 1986, but making up for lost time ever since, Foley has been involved in some aspect of the Dorchester community for years. She is eager to use her new position as the Fields Corner Main Streets executive director to continue her advocacy work.

“I try to make it about what the community wants and just facilitate what they want to happen,” Foley said. For starters, that will be sprucing up the neighborhood, helping to fill vacant storefronts, improving walk-ability and bike-ability, and a whole lot more. Even, Foley hopes, a Hubway station or two.  Read more