Ballot order drawing set for Thursday

Wondering which candidates' names will be at the top of the municipal ballot in September? We'll find out on Thursday, July 11 at 11 a.m.

From the release sent out by the mayor's press office:  Read more

Travel, vacations in play with tax bill, overdue budget in limbo

Matt Murphy and Michael Norton, State House News Service
Jul. 8, 2013

With three top Senate Democrats out of the country this week and the House showing no sense of urgency to resolve a disagreement with Gov. Deval Patrick over tolling and taxes, Patrick may have to make decisions about the affordability of items in the $34 billion state budget without knowing the fate of new revenues counted upon to balance the annual budget.  Read more

From Adams Corner in Dorchester, webcasting good tunes to the world

Chris Harding, Special to the Reporter
Jul. 3, 2013

Tessil Collins

Lately, the Sun in Dorchester has been beaming a lot more strongly, even after midnight.

SunMusic, an internet radio station based in Dorchester Center, is now accessible 24 hours a day on computer, tablet, phone, and Apple and Android mobile apps. Owner Tessil J. Collins, a longtime Dot resident, has dubbed the station “Your Urban Adult Album Alternative.”  Read more

Mattahunt center hosts summertime high school prep

Brianna Macgregor, Special to the Reporter
Jul. 3, 2013

For motivated middle school students interested in getting a head start on high school preparation, the Mattahunt Wheelock Community Center in Mattapan is offering the Emerging Youth Advocates PUSH Summer Academy. New this year, the free six-week program runs daily from July 15 to August 23 and is open to incoming 7th and 8th grade students.  Read more

Recalling the "First" Gettysburg address

Edward Everett: Dorchester statesman who delivered the Gettysburg oration that preceded Lincoln's address in Nov. 1863. Edward Everett: Dorchester statesman who delivered the Gettysburg oration that preceded Lincoln's address in Nov. 1863.

(Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the Reporter in July 2013 to mark the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Today is the anniversary of the dedication of the National Cemetery at the site of the battle— and of Abraham Lincoln's celebrated "address.")

This week marks the 150th anniversary of the momentous Battle of Gettysburg— the largest and costliest engagement in our Civil War, a conflict that cost more than 600,000 lives north and south and, ultimately, resulted in the forcible expulsion of the vile institution of slavery from the Republic.

The three-day battle in and around the Pennsylvania crossroads hamlet of Gettyburg stymied a Confederate invasion of the north, marking the “high-water mark” of Rebel ambitions for a victory in their war of secession. The pitched combat cost both sides dearly— resulting in some 50,000 casualties, including 8,000 dead.  Read more

Hubway set to expand in Dorchester

Brianna Macgregor, Special to the Reporter
Jul. 3, 2013

About 20 new Hubway bike-sharing stations will be rolled out by the end of this summer season, according to Nicole Freedman, director of the Boston Bikes program and former Olympic cyclist. New stations are concentrated in the South Boston area, Jamaica Plain, and Roxbury. Two are set to be built in Dorchester: one in Uphams Corner and another near the intersection of Mass Ave. and Columbia. The precise locations of these stations are still being determined, said Freedman.  Read more

Members of the Year

Member Recognition Night - Congratulations to those members receiving awards at our Annual Member Recognition Night Dinner held this past week. The night saw members receiving awards from all core program areas, as well as the prestigious Program Director Awards and the Youth of the Year Awards.  Read more

Negotiators agree to $34 billion state budget

Andy Metzger, State House News Service
Jul. 1, 2013

Agreeing to significantly higher spending on the state's university system and new efforts to tamp down on fraud in the welfare system while discarding an expansion of the bottle deposit law, the group of lawmakers negotiating the annual state budget filed their $34 billion proposal on the eve of the new fiscal year, along with an accord on a mid-year spending bill.  Read more

Greater Boston Labor Council votes to support Rep. Walsh for mayor

Gintautas Dumcius, News Editor
Jun. 28, 2013

Rep. Marty WalshRep. Marty WalshIt took less than 10 minutes: After ten mayoral hopefuls stepped off the stage and left a Dorchester union hall on Thursday night, the Greater Boston Labor Council quickly voted to throw its support to state Rep. Marty Walsh.

Walsh, who has represented Dorchester in the state Legislature since 1997, is a former laborer and top union official. Earlier this year, after announcing his run for mayor, he stepped down from the job of secretary-treasurer of the Boston Building Trades Council.

A few hundred delegates to the Greater Boston Labor Council, which represents 90,000 union members in the area, were in the room for the voice vote. The council includes utility workers, machinists, and the building trades, among others.  Read more

Scholarship fund puts premium on smarts, arts

Brianna Macgregor, Special to the Reporter
Jun. 27, 2013

St. William’s Dorchester Fund 2013 scholarship winners (center, l-r) Molly McKinnon, Nassika Dabel and Ashlin Michell along with St William's Dorchester Fund board members (l-r) Jim Burke, Cathy Mullin and Andrew Wilbur.

The Saint William’s Dorchester Fund has its roots in the parish band that was a popular pastime for hundreds of neighborhood kids. In a nod to that heritage, the fund run by band alumni
Makes it a point to recognize and support artistically and musically talented students with scholarships.

At the Fund’s "Dorchester Social Evening and Scholarship Awards Ceremony” on Saturday, May 18, scholarships were awarded to three recent high school graduates residing in the Dorchester area: Molly McKinnon, Nassika Dabel, and Ashlin Michell.  Read more