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The utter stupidity some people possess once they get behind the wheel of a car

Motor vehicles - more specifically the misuse of motor vehicles - is a valuable tool for police officers to enforce traffic laws, but more often than not it leads to the discovery of other more serious crimes. It amazes me to no end the utter stupidity some people possess once they get behind the wheel of a car, especially those that have bad licenses, no licenses, warrants, drugs or guns in their possession. Don't believe me? Read on.

January 17, 9:16 p.m.

Officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force were traveling in the vicinity of Geneva Avenue and Bowdoin Street when they observed a brown Lexus in front of them that didn't have a rear license plate. So they pulled them over to have a little chat. As they approached the vehicle they observed the three occupants to be members of a gang located in Mattapan, all three with past violence and firearm histories. While the occupants were engaged in delightful banter with the local constabulary, the front passenger (17-year-old Mattapan dude) was sweating bullets. Officer Median, for the safety of all present, asked the young man to exit the vehicle. Upon exiting the car the suspect attempted to slide past Officer Medina, during which the officer patted down the suspect's waist area and discovered a Colt .38 caliber revolver loaded with six rounds. The boob was charged with three felonies.

March 4, 1:32 a.m.

It's 1:32 a.m. in the morning. You're driving a vehicle even though your license expired a year ago. It's not revoked. It's not suspended. You merely neglected to renew it for the past 365 days. So busy you are.

It's 1:33 a.m. now and the only other vehicle on the road within your view is a marked blue and white Boston Police cruiser which is stopped for a red light on Neponset Avenue at Victory Road. Now the prudent thing to do would be to slowly stop behind the cruiser, quietly wait for a green light, then proceed without drawing suspicion to yourself and get on with your life.

But not this 24-year-old Dorchester Bozo. Now he goes around the officer's cruiser and blows through the red light. Stupidity, arrogance, maybe a brain injury! Pick one. I can't explain his actions and neither could he. A date with a Dorchester Court judge is in his future. Imbecile, that's the word I was looking for, imbecile.

February 27, 6:19 p.m.

Another day, another genius. The C-11 unmarked car was traveling down Dorchester Avenue near Welles Avenue when a South Shore man operating a Ford Taurus behind the officers sped past them, crossing the double yellow line and then cut in front of them. Before they had a chance to stop the offending vehicle the Taurus pulled over near Centre Street and picked up a passenger. The car then took three left turns around one square block and ended up where it started at Dorchester Avenue and Centre Street. The passenger got out, but he and the car's driver didn't get far as both were stopped and questioned about their actions. The driver stated he only picked up a hitchhiker. The passenger stated that he and what's-his-name were only going for a ride (around the block?). Neither one knew the other one's name. It was then that the officers discovered some broken oxycontin pills in the driver's possession which he bought from his new friend, the hitchhiker. The driver was summoned to Dorchester Court and the 23-year-old poison peddler was arrested and charged with dealing a Class "A" substance in a school zone.

February 21, 11:32 p.m.

The same officers from our first short story were again in the area of Bowdoin Street and Geneva Avenue when they observed a black Oldsmobile travel through the red light. The vehicle was pulled over near Oakley Street but then the vehicle suddenly accelerated away from the officers. The fleeing vehicle traveled through several streets before coming to a sudden stop at Dorchester Avenue and Rosedale Street. The nervous driver demanded to know what he was being arrested for and when informed it was for violation of several auto laws he laughed and became quite cocky and arrogant, despite having two felony warrants against him. His passenger (a 29-year-old Dorchester reprobate) wasn't in a laughing mood, especially when the officers retraced the vehicle's path to see what was discarded during the chase and on the front steps of a Melville Avenue home. It was a gray .32 caliber revolver with three live rounds. The gun had sustained some damage. As if it were thrown from a moving vehicle, perhaps? The passenger was charged, along with the driver, for possession of a firearm and other charges. I couldn't help notice that the passenger had the same exact name as an eight-year-old who was shot to death in his Grove Hall home last year by another child who found a relative's illegal firearm in the apartment. You would think this man would have learned something from that awful tragedy. Unconscionable behavior.

Thursday night, 7 p.m., C-11's monthly meeting. We promise to have you home in time for "The Office."

Happy 82nd birthday Mrs. Juliano, and you too, Tricia.


The sign of an excellent and/or aspiring journalist, however experienced or inexperienced (s)he may be in wriitng informative articles, is to give the facts only (in the most interesting way possible) and to always avoid name calling, which always decreases the effectiveness of the article since it serves as useless redundancy and a reflection of a loss of respect and/or admiration for the writer. The facts of the articles tell the reader the criminal or truant is an "imbecile," a "bozo," etc. We don't need to hear it from the writer.
Wm J. Kearns
Floral City, FL

How refreshing to hear the writer call the people arrested for doing stupid and dangerous things "imbeciles", "bozos", and more. From the descriptions of what some of these people do in the course of a day (or night) they deserve to be called by these names. Or worse. I disagree with my fellow Floridian in this case. These idiots deserve little respect and certainly no admiration for their actions. I was always taught to be responsible for my actions. These nut jobs show absolutely no responsibility for the things they do and the harm they cause. Call it like it is. Don't tone it down.

John Macchi
Coral Springs, FL