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Carney Senior Supper

We still have roses on our bushes. There is also one big, purple pansy in one of our two pots of pansies on the ground, under the spreading yews. Hubby has taken down most of the Halloween decorations. We don’t have many decorations to put up for Thanksgiving, just a wooden sign, with a turkey holding a sign: “This year, try a ham!”

Boston’s official Christmas tree will arrive at about 11 a.m. on Fri., Nov. 20. The 46-foot white spruce tree was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Shatford of Nova Scotia. The tree-lighting ceremony will take place on the Boston Common on Thurs., Dec. 3, from 6 to 8 p.m. This is the 38th year that Nova Scotia has given the tree to the people of Boston in thanks for relief efforts following the Dec. 6, 1917, explosion of a munitions ship in Halifax Harbor. Within 24 hours of the disaster, a train loaded with supplies and emergency personnel was making its way from Boston to Nova Scotia.

What a great time Hubby and I had at the Dorchester Board of Trade’s Oct. 13th meeting at Florian Hall. It was so good to see everyone after the summer hiatus. The speaker for the luncheon was Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry. Linda was one of the first to arrive and brought her aide, Lou Manzo, with her. Already at Florian were Linda’s sister-in-law Maureen Forry, and co-worker Gin Dumcius. Her father-in-law, Ed Forry, joined us a little later. Pals Loretta Philbrick and Della Costello came to the luncheon. So did Maria Andrade from Mujeres Unidas En Accion. Nick Calos and Tom Walsh from the Wainwright Bank came into the hall. Gail Hobin and Phil Carver came, representing UMass/Boston. Pal Charlie Tevnan, from Tevnan and Tevnan, chatted with us for a few minutes. Mary Carney, from AFLAC, also joined us. It is always a pleasure to see Justin Holmes from Boston’s Convention & Exposition Center. Maureen Connolly and Donna Finnegan, former president of the DBOT, came from their businesses in Adams Village.

Also joining us were Bob Scannell and Kip Parker from the Boys and Girls Club. My e-mail friend Lindsey Lerit and James Lozano from the YMCA were there. It is always good to see Chris Shannon from the Carpenters’ Union. Amy Cardinale and Dianne McBride were there, representing Mount Washington Bank. I was so happy to see John Gallagher, who was able to break away from his insurance office to join us. Pal Jim Cawley was there from Work Inc. He told us that Work Inc. is ready to move into their new building, the newly-refurbished site of the old Joseph Pollak building on Freeport St. Kathleen Aicardi was there from the Transformations Movement Inc., which is now on Gallivan Blvd. Marty Lydon, from Lydon & Associates, also came. So did Dan Larner, Charles Hollins, and Mary Carney. Leslie McQueeney came in a just a little bit late and we were happy to see her. Rep. Marty Walsh also joined us.

We had a chance to meet Jean Patel Bushnell, the new Executive Director of Standish Village. I must tell Jean that I heard something very nice about Standish Village. Just after 4 a.m. one day last week, a young woman called the Steve LeVeille radio program on WBZ. She mentioned that she had lost her grandmother the previous week. She asked if she could mention the nursing home where her grandmother had been a resident. Steve said, “Sure. It is nice to hear compliments.” The girl said, “Standish Village. The staff is so nice. One of the nurses even buys little things to make the patients happy. The staff even came by when they were ending their shifts to make sure she was o.k.” Steve was very impressed with what the young girl had to say. Congratulations, Standish Village!

Hubby and I were pleased to sit with the Executive Secretary of the Board of Trade, Lisa Courtney. Lisa was married in September in Ireland. She didn’t have photos of the wedding with her so I asked her to bring them with her to the next Board of Trade function. I also praised her for the lovely buffet we had at Florian Hall. It was a complete—delicious – turkey dinner. Rep. Marty Walsh agreed that our favorite part of any meal is mashed potatoes. (We are true Irishmen!) I told our waitress, Carol Buckley, that if I had known how good the turkey dinner was, Hubby and I would have brought our family with us and we would have had an early Thanksgiving. Don’t hesitate to choose the turkey dinner at Florian Hall. It is wonderful!

On Thurs., Oct. 21, my friend Eileen Burke joined Hubby and me at the monthly Irish Pastoral Centre luncheon at the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton. We were joined by our terrific friends Ronnie, Lucy, Celia, and Betty. This was the first time that Betty had ever sat with us. We discovered that she was a good friend of our friend, Mary Norton. Fr. John McCarthy came into the crowded hall and began getting ready to say Mass for us. He mentioned that he had gone home to Ireland for a wedding. He also mentioned that Bishop Seamus Hegarty from Derry, Ireland, would be in the United States and would say the 4 p.m. Mass at St. Brendan Church on Nov. 1. He also praised Maureen McNally, who sings for us during the Mass. Sr. Marguerite, from the Irish Pastoral Centre, came to the microphone and thanked everyone for coming to the luncheon. The luncheon was a chicken dish, with a salad, rice, and vegetables. We also had coffee, tea, and desserts. There were plenty of people dancing after the luncheon was finished. It was a great afternoon.

On Sunday, Oct. 25, Hubby, daughter Sue, and I were again joined by pal Eileen Burke in attending the Shamrock Nation’s Irish afternoon at Florian Hall, with Noel Henry’s Irish Show Band. We were early for the dance and were surprised at how many people were already there. Before we went inside the hall, I made a few Christmas purchases from the Shamrock Nation’s table of goods in the lobby. We saw an empty table and headed for it. We were joined by Charlie and Nancy McCarthy from Medford and Jack and Mary McCann from Andover.

The featured singer for the afternoon was Susan McCann, from County Armagh, in the north of Ireland. She was wonderful. She sang both Irish tunes and country songs. Her voice was very much like Tammy Wynette’s. She had everyone up dancing while she sang. By the way, we saw Paul Kenneally playing the keyboard so when the band took a little break, Eileen and I walked over to chat with him. Paul knows Eileen very well because he is a good friend of her son Jim. I told Paul that we were delighted to see him again after seeing him at the Irish Village.

Quite a few other friends were at the Irish dance/concert. We saw Michael McCarron and Pat Walsh. Maureen Senuta was there with her daughter Maura. Also attending were Ann Tumilty, Bridie Kelly, Esther Mannion, Sarah Doherty, Cathy McPartland, and Mary (Early) Kelly, our classmate from Boston State. Mike and Dotty Pembroke were there with their daughters and granddaughter. It was a great afternoon (complete with coffee and Irish bread). We thank our friend John for inviting us to the concert.

I was so delighted to read, in St. Brendan’s Bulletin, that the “Got Books’” container has been filled more than 10 times. Hubby has taken books and DVDs at least three times to the container, which is located on the Rita Road side of St. Brendan’s School. The last time he went, he mentioned that he could barely get the books into the slot. In addition to books, the container also will take used CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and audio books. The school receives compensation each time the container is filled. It makes you feel so good to know that the school is benefiting from things that no one at home is interested in any more. By the way, the Warm Hands/Warm Hearts project has begun at St. Brendan’s. There is a basket at the front of the church for mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves. I am sure that if I look hard enough, I will find some of our kids’ woolen items from when they were young in the recesses of the attic. Our kids are now in their 40s but I don’t get up in the attic too often. St. Brendan’s is also holding a Baby Bottle Collection fundraiser. During November, fill the bottle with your spare change and bring it to St. Brendan’s to benefit “A Women’s Touch.”

I received info that, for the 42nd year, the Boston Ballet’s The Nutcracker will be performed at the Boston Opera House, 539 Washington St., Boston, from Fri., Nov. 27, to Sun., Dec. 27. For tickets, call 617-695-6955.

I just received, via e-mail, info from Matt Molloy’s Bar on Bridge St., in Westport, County Mayo, Ireland, of the upcoming concerts that will be held during the month of November at the pub. I wish I were in Westport to hear some of the wonderful music.

I send my sympathy to Tom and Susan Leahy on the death of Susan’s brother, Michael O’Neill Jr. on Oct. 31.

A reminder: hot dogs are 75¢ (half price) at Sullivan’s at Castle Island through Sunday, Nov. 29, the day that Sully’s closes for the season.

This is a wonderful thought from St. Vincent de Paul: “We should spend as much time in thanking God for His benefits as we do in asking for them.”