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Welcoming a New Year

“Another year is dawning
With a chance to start anew.
May I be kinder, wiser, Lord,
In all I say and do.”
“New Year’s Prayer” by Kay Hoffman

The new year is almost on us. I will make the same resolution that I have made other years. I promise to clean something, no matter how small, every day. I also must walk more than I do now, at the urging of my doctor.

Here is a little more on the 50th anniversary party that our three kids gave Hubby and me on Nov. 14 at the Fox and Hounds Restaurant in Quincy. After all the introductions were made, one of the waitresses invited us to go to the buffet. The food was terrific. Even those with food restrictions were able to find plenty to eat. There were fruits and veggies, in addition to the traditional eggs, bacon, sausages (which brother-in-law John thoroughly enjoyed), pancakes/French toast, syrup, muffins, and Danish. There was plenty of coffee, along with seconds on the food. Everyone was well filled.

After people had eaten, daughter Jeanne brought out a Question & Answer Game about our wedding. (There were very few attending the party who were old enough to remember it.) She asked her Dad to read the questions. When was the wedding? It was July 2, 1960. What happened to Margie’s shoe and who came to her aid? The heel of Maid-of-Honor Margie’s brand new shoes came off. Cousin Jimmy’s girl friend Grace wore the same size shoe and changed shoes with Margie. (We have a video of Grace running across Columbia Rd., with one shoe off/one shoe on, to ask a cobbler to fix the heel.) What were the colors of the maid-of-honor’s and the bridesmaids’ dresses? Margie wore yellow and Janet and Agnes wore blue. Those who answered the questions received small (really tiny) rewards for their correct answers. This was a very funny part of the morning, with lots of kidding and joking.

We received lovely presents at our party. We now have gift cards for restaurants that we have not yet patronized. My sister-in-law Peg, niece Terri, and nephew Stephen and his wife Judi gave us a lovely statue of St. Anthony holding the child Jesus in his arms. As soon as spring comes, we will put it in our yard. Friend Doris found a 50th anniversary vase that is positively beautiful. Son Paul took some of the photos that he had taken during the party and made two 8” X 10” photo collages of the party. Most of the photos were groups of family members. We will frame both of them as soon as we get to a store to get the frames.

This is a shortened column because of the arrival of the blizzard. There will be more about our wonderful Christmas festivities in next week’s column. Enjoy the upcoming New Year’s weekend. The members of our family hope that 2011 will be a happy and health year for you!