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A little girl has a bike because a boy has the right stuff

On June 9, the CSO office had our annual Bike Safety Rodeo in the parking lot of the McKeon Post. The weather was perfect, my cooking didn’t kill anybody, and 100 kids/parents enjoyed themselves. We also gave out 40 bike helmets and three brand new bikes, courtesy of Jeff Brewster, owner of McDonald’s on Gallivan Boulevard. and Chris English from the mayor’s office.

During the free raffle for the first bike given away, an extraordinary act of kindness took place. The winner of the brand new boy’s bike was already sitting on a replica of the bike he had just won. It was then that the young man (around 10 years of age), noticed a little girl standing there with her mother. The little girl (about 5 years of age) was telling her mother how she had hoped to win the raffle so that she would be able to pedal around with her friends because she didn’t own a bike.

The little guy then asked us if he could give back the bike he had just won in exchange for a much smaller bike we had with training wheels on it. He then walked the bike over to the little girl and gave it to the stunned child.

This act of unselfish kindness truly represents the youth of Dorchester and I thought it was something that should be reported. Unfortunately, the boy and his dad left the event before we could get his name, which is a shame, because he certainly deserves some type of recognition. A very fine young man, indeed.

In addition to Mr. Brewster and Mr. English I would also like to thank the McKeon Post, Vivian Giraud, Sheriff Cabral’s office, retired Detective Frank Olbreys and the Kaitlyn Keaney Scholarship Fund for helping out at the Bike Rodeo.

If the people in these next few stories had half the character of our little philanthropist, then they wouldn’t find themselves in the crap they are in right now.

April 2, 6 p.m.
A South Boston woman parked her vehicle on Westville Street, leaving her leather purse containing $300 on the front seat, and was “shocked” to find it missing an hour later. While driving her vehicle to C-11 to report the theft, she heard a ringing sound coming from between the seat cushions. It was a cell phone, with the owner’s picture on the screen saver. The woman answered the phone and it was the cell phone’s owner attempting to negotiate the return of his property. He was told he could pick it up at C-11 if he returned the purse he took. To date, he hasn’t shown up. A warrant for the 46-year-old-South End man for B&E motor vehicle is pending.

May 31, 12:08 p.m.
A man walked into a Stoughton Street grocery store and asked the woman behind the counter how much a loaf of bread was and she replied $2.50. The man took out his wallet and handed the woman $3. When she opened the register, the man lunged across the counter while brandishing a knife and attempted to grab the cash tray, which the woman suddenly and with much force closed on the man’s fingers. The man accepted his failure as a thief and asked the woman to give him change for the bread, and the woman handed him two quarters. The man took his change and fled in a gold colored SUV, but the moron left his wallet atop the counter. Detectives are searching for the 34-year-old Dorchester boob whose license was in the wallet.

June 3, 9:02 p.m.
Officers responded to the rear of Lopez Florist on Saranac Street for a report of a man breaking into vehicles. On arrival they spoke to a woman who stated that she heard loud screeching outside her home followed by a bang. When she went to investigate she noticed that her vehicle had been broken into and that someone had also taken the Florist van and driven it through the back fence. The thief also left his Blackberry phone inside the woman’s vehicle. The stupidity of the local criminal element is of epidemic proportions. Minutes later, an officer spotted the van parked on Semont Road and a young male with long sideburns breaking into another car. After a short foot chase the 19-year-old South Boston man was arrested with the keys to the van in his pocket. He faces a series of charges in Dorchester District Court.

While at the booking desk, the suspect asked if the officers had found his Blackberry. Oh, we did, and he can get it back after the trial.

See you in two weeks. Alert to Laconia: Here come the Keaneys.