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Members see “Spider-Man” in New York City

Members see “Spider-Man” in New York City - Last weekend 50 members of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester attended the Foxwoods Theater in New York City to see “Spider-Man. The trip was made possible through the Marilyn Rodman Theater for Kids program. In addition, members also brought supplies to assist emergency relief efforts within the city. For information on our Arts program contact Arts Director, Donna Seery (dseery@bgcdorchester.org).

Marr-lin Swim Team travels to Waltham - The Marr-lin Swim Team visited the Waltham Club this past week, taking 3 out of 5 age groups. New swimmers posting top times include: Jahzara Veiga (25 yd. Freestyle 24.43), Colin Hingston (25 yd. Freestyle 27.55), Allie Bausemer (50 yd. Freestyle 53.57), Rosemary Gould (50 yd. Freestyle 52.84), Will Hingston (50 yd. Freestyle 51.22), Noel Hume (50 yd. Freestyle 44.96), Elicia Langley (50 yd. Freestyle 51.43), Abigail Seero (50 yd. Freestyle 42.44), Margaret Gould (50 yd. Freestyle 44.65), Elizabeth Seero (50 yd. Freestyle 35.71), Amani Sumpter (50 yd. Freestyle 52.40), Brandan Griffin (100 yd. Freestyle 1:23.59), Mike Griffin (100 yd. Freestyle 1:44.63) and Vangjel Dragoti (50 yd. Freestyle 41.22). Next up for the Marr-lins will be a home meet against Arlington (12/1) and the Nashua Senior Meet (12/2). For info contact Aquiles Gomes (agomes@bgcdorchester.org).