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A Spooky Halloween in the Neighborhood

"On Halloween, what bothers some
About these witches is, how come
In sailing through the air like bats,
The never seem to lose their hats."
By David McCord

I must compliment our neighbors the Peros on their Halloween decorations. They go so well with the Cullitys’ decorations, diagonally across the street. Our electric Jack-O-Lantern shines on the rose trellis for five hours each evening. I have already bought our candy for Halloween Trick-or-Treating. They are Tootsie Pops. I know I won’t eat them. If they were Snickers or Milky Way bars, I would be dipping into them, which I shouldn’t.

I was sorry to receive a notice from Boston’s Comcast system that we no longer will receive WUNH, Channel 11, from New Hampshire. Especially during the summertime and during the Christmas holidays, we have always checked out Boston’s Channels 2 and 44, and then Ch. 11, New Hampshire, to see which has the best program. Ch. 11 always has quite a few wonderful Irish-themed programs around St. Patrick’s Day. It is sad to lose that channel.

The other day I had a chance to chat with Judy Burke, the treasurer of our Pope’s Hill Association. She told me that she and her husband Tom are looking forward to next year because they will be married 40 years on July 1. That day will be here before you know it, guys.

Each month, Hubby, pal Eileen Burke, and I drive to Canton to the Irish Pastoral Centre’s luncheon at the Irish Cultural Centre. We have the nicest group of gals who sit with us. (Hubby, being the only man at the table, feels as though he has a harem.) We have Peg, Ronnie, Lucy, Ann, two Barbaras, and Nuala. Sometimes we have Kathleen and pals Tom and Barbara Cheney. We always enjoy speaking with our friends. Peg, we know, is very involved with the South Shore Center for Blind Seniors. She sometimes shares her work with us. She also told us something personal about herself. She was so proud that her niece, Amy Karl, and her grand niece Patricia were able to come to Boston from their home in Hamburg, Germany, The reason that the Karls were here was to help Peg celebrate her 80th birthday.

Last Thursday, at the Irish luncheon, we had two people from County Roscommon, Vincent and Pat Pierse. Vincent wrote the most wonderful poem about “The Celtic Tiger.” It was about the rise and fall of the Irish economy and it was so true. The Pierses were leaving that evening to go home to Ireland. They were brought to the luncheon by their friends Maurice and Nuala Houlihan.

We also were happy to see our friends from the monthly luncheon. Angela Durkin came over to greet us. Tess Collins always comes over to give us our nametags and to chat with us for a while. (Tess and her husband Jim dance so beautifully together; so do Tom and Barbara Cheney.) Our pal Kathi Sullivan was busy helping to get ready for the luncheon. She is very active at the Irish Social Club in West Roxbury.

Hubby and I had forgotten that the Leonid Meteor Showers were visible last weekend. I understand that they are debris from Halley’s Comet. We are always up early so we could have gone outside to see the showers.

This will be a shortened column but there will be lots more next week.
Here is a “Thought to Remember:” “If you smile when things go wrong, you probably know whom to blame it on.”