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Fall Art Classes

Fall Art Classes - As part of our evening program we will offer a variety of pre-registered classes for members ages 8 and older this Fall: Clay Animation (Mondays) - will be offered at 6:00 (ages 8-10) and 7:00 (ages 11 & up); Beginning Sculpture (Tuesdays) - will be offered at 6:00 (ages 8-10) and 7:00 (ages 11 & older); Beginning Photography (Wednesdays) - will include a class for ages 9-12 at 6:00 and a second class at 7:00 for ages 13-18; Beginning Painting (Thursdays) - will see a 6:00 class for ages 8-12 while the 7:00 class is for ages 13-18; Beginning Sewing and Recycled Fashion (Fridays) -
At 6:00 ages 8 & up can take part in our Beginning Sewing Class while at 7:00 ages 13 and up will be able to join in while we create art out of recycled materials. For more information please contact Donna Seery (dseery@bgcdorchester.org).

Teen Program News
- This Fall the Teen program will offer a Girls Group, Boys Group, Fitness Class, Yoga Class and a new Improv Class to go along with the Keystone Club and Career Prep program. We are also offering a new Tween program titled F.I.T.T. (Fostering Intelligence in Tweens and Teens) in partnership with Tufts Medical Center. The program will run 5 days a week from 3:00 - 8:00 p.m. and will be led by Sam Ghannam. For registration information please contact Nate Roos (nroos@bgcdorchester.org).

Social Recreation Program
- This Fall we plan to offer the following small group clubs: Passport to Manhood, Girls Group, Outdoor Adventure Club and the Fencing Club. Registrations are currently being accepted. In addition we will also offer afternoon games, holiday parties, field trips, and inter-club events. For information on our Social Recreation programs contact Zack Solomon (zsolomon@bgcdorchester.org).