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Intermediate/Senior Basketball League

Intermediate/Senior Basketball League - The 10-team Intermediate/Senior Basketball League for teens is in full swing with 7 games played over three days this past week. In the first of two games on Tuesday U.N.C. defeated Georgia Tech 46-45. Walter Dew-Hollis (12) led U.N.C. while Juliano Araujo (15) led Georgia Tech. In the second game Careem Kirksey (21) helped lead V.C.U. to a 60-57 victory over Michigan. Michigan was led by Marcus Campbell (31). In Thursday’s opener it was California defeating Michigan 80-71. Nick Simpson (21) and Solomon Abioye (22) led California and Michigan respectively. In the late game it was Eduardo DeLeon (20) leading Kentucky to a 59-55 win over V.C.U. Jakhail Smith (15) led the V.C.U. offense. On Saturday, the first of three games saw Georgia Tech defeat Stanford by a score of 60-41. Samuel Aloidor (23) led Georgia Tech while Stanford was led by Derek Dykens (10). In the second game UConn came back to defeat N.C. State 62-57. Francis DePina (16) led UConn while Randy Butler (23) led N.C. State. In the final game of the week Boston College defeated U.N.C. 57-54. Jose Harry (16) and Walter Dew-Hollis (21) led Boston College and U.N.C. respectively. The League will continue regular season games through early June followed by the play-off tournament. For information on our Spring Athletic programs please contact Bruce Seals (bseals@bgcdorchester.org).

Music Clubhouse Program - The Music Clubhouse provides programming for members ages 10-18. Upcoming special events include the start of Spring Lessons (5/14), Open Mic Night (5/17), Rock Band - Battle of the Bands (5/24), the Music Clubhouse Idol Competition Orientation (5/28) and the opening round for the Idol Competition (5/31). For more information please contact Ayiesha Mathis (amathis@bgcdorchester.org).