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Letters to the Editor: Pressley’s positives: Dorchester’s candidate with a powerful voice

To the Editor:

I first met City Councilor-at-large Ayanna Pressley about seven years ago when she was working as an aide to Senator John Kerry and it was immediately clear that she was a force to be reckoned with. When Ayanna decided to run for elected office I enthusiastically volunteered to help on her campaign. She is running for re-election this November and I am so proud to help her once again.

Ayanna’s mission is to break cycles of poverty and violence and strengthen our neighborhoods. She has been a fierce advocate for girls and women raising awareness about human trafficking, girls violence, and teen STI rates while working behind the scenes with her partners in government, community leaders, activists and residents to develop and enact meaningful reforms.

She convened the first annual Raise Your Voice Day of Empowerment that brought more than 100 girls and women together with the police department and community organizations to talk openly about sexual violence, build skills, and heal. Ayanna also succeeded in her campaign to have the Boston Public Schools provide comprehensive, medically accurate, culturally competent sexual health education to students.

Over the last four years, Ayanna has collaborated with the Attorney General to launch Eliminate Deceptive Education Business Tactics (D.E.B.T.) and educate residents about the predatory practices of for-profit colleges. She is moving a home rule petition to reform the state’s outdated liquor licensing system and spur economic revitalization in Boston’s neighborhoods.

Ayanna is our own. Dorchester is her home. We are lucky to have a strong voice from Dorchester in one of the at-large seats; let’s be sure we keep her there on November 5th.

Nancy Anderson
Barrington Road