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Marr-lin Swim Team Hosts Roxbury

Marr-lin Swim Team Hosts Roxbury - The Marr-lin Swim Team hosted the Roxbury Club for their first home meet of the season. The practice time paid off as the Marr-lins managed to capture all five age groups from an up and coming Roxbury squad. It was our newest swimmers who shined as the following team members posted new best times: Dylan Almeida (25 yd. Freestyle 27.44), Angela Hannon (25 yd. Freestyle 22.63), Aidan Tuohy (25 yd. Freestyle 23.78), Shane McPhillips (25 yd. Freestyle 30.93), Micayla O’Connor (25 yd. Butterfly 28.46), Erin Garvin (50 yd. Freestyle 1:02.53), Zion Veiga (50 yd. Freestyle 42.97), Beatrice Riley (25 yd. Backstroke 32.29), Liam Denver (25 yd. Backstroke 40.63), Tim Hickey (25 yd. Backstroke 31.56), Colin Touhy (25 yd. Backstroke 31.97), Elijah Langley (100 yd. Freestyle 1:46.09), Ella Lescinskas (100 yd. Freestyle 1:57.47), Maeve Olsen (50 yd. Backstroke 1:04.41), Andrew Robinson (50 yd. Breaststroke 1:13.25), Fiona Tuohy (50 yd. Breaststroke 53.22), Mairead Keady (50 yd. Freestyle 38.68), Elizabeth Knight (50 yd. Breaststroke 43.00), Shannon Hickey (50 yd. Breaststroke 46.40), Logan Almeida (50 yd. Breaststroke 1:03.44), Sinead Kelly (100 yd. Freestyle 1:17.71) and Lauren Donovan (100 yd. Freestyle 1:08.88). Next up for the Marr-lins will be the Charlestown Club (11/23). For information please contact Aquiles Gomes (agomes@bgcdorchester.org).

Fine Arts Program - In addition to our regularly scheduled classes there will be two upcoming opportunities to travel off-site for the Theater. On 11/21 the Marilyn Rodman Theater for Kids program will host a group of 30 members to see “A Christmas Story” at the Wang Theater. That will be followed by a group of 40 to see “A Little Princess” at the Strand Theater on 12/6. For information contact Donna Seery (dseery@bgcdorchester.org).