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Teen Program Highlights

Teen Program Highlights - The Teen Program at the Club operates on a Monday to Friday schedule from 2:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. There are on-site activities within the Teen Center as well as small group activities such as Improv, Girls Group, Boys Group, and Fitness Club. Fun Friday activities include Movie Night (1/3), an Ice Skating Trip (1/10), Snowman Making (1/17) and a Scavenger Hunt (1/24). In addition, the Career Prep program currently has 40+ participants serving as assistants throughout all of the various program areas. Lastly, the members of the Keystone Club are planning several fundraisers, a service project with a local Shelter and will take part in a monthly Food Pantry with the Greater Boston Food Bank (1/25). For info on the Teen Program please contact Nate Roos (nroos@bgcdorchester.org).

Winter Basketball Program
- The Winter Basketball program kicks off this month with intramural divisions for Boys Low Rim (ages 11&U), Girls Low Rim (ages 12&U) and Co-ed 14&U. We will also offer two Clinic programs - Little Rim Clinic (ages 5-7) and the Low Rim Clinic (players in both Low Rim Leagues). To round things off we will also host 3 teams (Boys 12&U, Girls 14&U and Boys 15&U) which will play in the N.E.N.E.A.P.C. League against Clubs from the region. For more information on the Winter Basketball program please contact Bruce Seals (bseals@bgcdorchester.org).

Project B.I.N.D.
- The Club’s newest program is an inclusion initiative for children with disabilities. In addition to ongoing activities, upcoming events include One-to-One Swim Lessons, a Transition Workshop for Parents and Caregivers (1/13), start of the next session of the Friendship Club (1/27) and the start of a new Ballroom Dancing Class (1/30). For more information contact Dianne Lescinskas (dlescinskas@bgcdorchester.org).