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Winter's warmth

“Undaunted by the chilly winds
Or mounds of drifting snow,
The crocus leaves come bursting forth;
The saffron crown was next to show.”
“The First Crocus” by Juanita Johnson

Hubby and I have been looking for our crocuses to burst forth from the ground since Christmas Day. One year we were elated when we could see them on that day. We checked this past Saturday and saw at least five crocuses emerging through the ground. They are close to the foundation of the house. We realized that the warmth from the house has heated the ground on the other side of the foundation. Spring is coming! Hubby even brought home some fresh flowers a few weeks ago, just after the Patriots lost to the Ravens. He knew that I was saddened by the loss and he wished to brighten my spirits. About two weeks ago on a fairly warm afternoon he put up the electric heart, made with red lights for Valentine’s Day, along with a string of tiny red lights along the porch railing. When it warms up again, he will take those down and put up the green electric shamrock, with a string of tiny green lights along the railing.

My apologies: when I mentioned that our lovely neighbors (Jim, his wife Maureen, Jim Jr., and our friend Janie) had helped us with their snowblower and shovels, I did not know that Jim Jr.’s wife Shannon and neighbor Joannie were also outside shoveling with the rest of the “crew.” I could not see out our windows, which were covered with snow, and I dared not step on the icy porch where I had fallen the previous day to see everyone working so hard. I thank all of them again. The hematoma on my upper leg is getting better — a much prettier purple than before. The three bruises on my upper right arm are a lighter color. Daughter Sue is not faring so well. She still has a terrible cough. Hubby picked up a refill on the medicine that the doctor prescribed for her.

On Jan. 24, Hubby, pal Eileen Burke, and I drove to the Irish Cultural Centre in Canton. It was the first luncheon since Christmas and we were anxious to see all our pals once again. One of our gals, Kathleen White, told us that this was a special day because it was her birthday.

Hubby and I laughed at this bumper sticker, especially now that the Christmas bills are arriving: “Money talks but mine only says, ‘Good-bye.’”