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February Program Highlights

Marr-lins Swim TeamMarr-lins Swim Team

February Program Highlights - The month of February marks the halfway point in the Winter program and offers many special events throughout all core program areas. Kicking off the month (2/1) will see the start of registration for the city’s Summer Jobs program. The following day (2/2), the Marr-lins will head to U-Mass Lowell to take part in the second day of the 2-day N.E.N.E.A.P.C. League championship meet. On 2/3 we will host an Orientation session for High School and College volunteers interested in becoming volunteer tutors. On 2/8, members of the Keystone Club will volunteer at a local Food Pantry while the Marr-lins will host the 10&U Invitational Meet. On 2/10 we will host a Project B.I.N.D. Parents Workshop. On 2/11, artwork selected from our local exhibit at U-Mass Boston will head to B.G.C.A.’s Regional Fine Arts Show while the Athletic program will host a Clinic with the Boston Bruins. On 2/15, the Marr-lins will attend the Worcester Invitational Meet while the Education program offers a tour of Holy Cross College on 2/27. On 2/17, the Social Recreation Program’s Outdoor Adventure Club will head out on a hike. From 2/18 to 2/21 we will host our school vacation week program for pre-registered members. Ages 5-12 can attend from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. while our teen members will have programming from 1 to 9 p.m. For more information please contact Mike Joyce (mjoyce@bgcdorchester.org).

Music Program News - In addition to the start of the Music Lesson program several upcoming music related events include Game Night (2/3), Music Lesson Workshop (2/4), Clubhouse Idol Registration (2/7), a Valentine’s Day Party (2/10), Open Mic Night (2/14), a second Music Lesson Workshop (2/25) and a Talent Show (2/28). For info please contact Ayeisha Mathis (amathis@bgcdorchester.org).