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Marr-lin Swim Team Hosts Beanpool Meet

Marr-lin Swim Team Hosts Beanpool Meet - The Marr-lin Swim Team hosted it’s Annual Beanpool Meet last weekend. The Marr-lins were joined by an accomplished group of swimmers representing 7 teams from the Greater Boston area. Congratulations to the Marr-lins who took home the first place prize. Swimmers who posted new best times include: Charlotte Airosus (50 yd. Freestyle 35.56), Jackie Bertram (50 yd. Freestyle 30.60), Kaitlin Blackburn (50 yd. Freestyle 47.69), Kayleigh Cadogan (50 yd. Freestyle 38.38), Alison Cahill (50 yd. Freestyle 37.40), Lauren Donovan (50 yd. Freestyle 30.37), Vangjel Dragoti (50 yd. Freestyle 29.78), Kristen Fields (50 yd. Freestyle 29.40), Erin Garvin (25 yd. Freestyle 26.49), Jessica Hernandez (100 yd. Freestyle 1:07.38), Colin Hingston (50 yd. Freestyle 42.16), Niamh Kerr (50 yd. Freestyle 36.22), Elizabeth Knight (200 yd. I.M. 3:00.80), Robert Lawless (50 yd. Freestyle 29.22), Fiona McCarthy (100 yd. Freestyle 1:09.84), Anna McPhillips (25 yd. Freestyle 21.81), Desmond O’Halloran (50 yd. Freestyle 31.01), Maeve Olsen (50 yd. Freestyle 41.85), Cole Riley (50 yd. Freestyle 42.15), Juan Rodriguez (50 yd. Freestyle 27.53), Samantha Smith (50 yd. Freestyle 30.03), Lauryn Thorpe (100 yd. Freestyle 1:25.31), Jahzara Veiga (50 yd. Backstroke 53.41) and Joseph Woods (100 yd. Freestyle 58.25). For information on our Aquatic programs contact Aquiles Gomes (agomes@bgcdorchester.org)

Spring Athletic Programs
- Our Athletics program is currently accepting registrations for Spring programs which include the 10-team Intermediate/Senior Basketball League (ages 13-18), a 4-team Indoor Soccer league (ages 8-12), a 4-team Teen Volleyball League as well as the F.I.T. Club, All-Star Volleyball/Soccer Teams, and the Soccer Clinic. For more information please contact Bruce Seals (bseals@bgcdorchester.org).