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Spring Program Registration

Spring Program Registration - On 3/7 the Club will be hosting registration for Spring programs. The registration will include our athletics, education, fine arts, film, aquatics, social recreation, and teen programs. The registration will begin at 6:00 p.m. For more information please contact Mike Joyce (mjoyce@bgcdorchester.org).

Intramural Basketball Program
- This past week 6 games were played in our various divisions of the Winter Intramural Basketball program. On Thursday, the first of two games in the Co-ed 14&U division saw the Cavs defeat the Pacers 59-55. In the second game it was the Sixers defeating the Nuggets by a score of 60-55. On Friday the night the opener of the Girls Low Rim division saw the Rockets defeat the Clippers 22-14 followed by the Warriors besting the Mavericks 30-26. On Saturday, the first of two Boys Low Rim Games saw the Celtics defeat the Pistons 27-25 followed by the Knicks defeating the Hawks 35-27. For info please contact Bruce Seals (bseals@bgcdorchester.org).

Savin Hill Baseball League - During the month of March the Savin Hill Baseball League will be conducting Spring Training sessions at the Club on Sundays. These training sessions will also be your opportunity to register for the 2014 season. For more information please contact Mike Joyce (mjoyce@bgcdorchester.org).

Marr-lin Swim Team - The members of the Marr-lin Swim Team completed their N.E.N.E.A.P.C. season by finishing in 4th place in the league championship meet. Before heading off to the upcoming Regional and National meets the team will host it’s Annual Family Fun Night on 2/28 for all swimmers and parents. There will be pool time for all, music and food. For info please contact Aquiles Gomes (agomes@bgcdorchester.org).