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Summer at the Club

Summer at the Club - Summer at Boys and Girls Clubs of Dorchester is as busy as ever. It’s a crowded place; loud with laughter, where the children are often happy and wild with excitement. Poolside, children dip their toes in the cold water, splashing each other and tensing at the touch of it. Beach balls sail through the air and float calmly by the chaos of swimming kids; some barely able to touch the bottom yet. The abrupt sounds of a life guards whistles are followed by a hurried frenzy of children as they scramble out of the water.

Outside at the basketball courts, sneakers kick at the gravel between short breaths of air, the short paced squeak of a basketball bouncing of the cement before it’s thrown at the hoop. Children dance through a game of hopscotch, skip over a jump rope and rest in the shade as the sun beams across the pavement. The sound of laughter and birds break through the sky, with a honk or two from the busy streets nearby.
Education is filled with those eager to retain what they studied all throughout the year, whether reading books quietly or aloud. Educational games allow lots of interacting with one another - an opportunity for learning through play.

The gym offers a cool place to play a game of kickball, volleyball or take part in Zumba. On some rainy days the gym houses one hundred kids, with the big movie screen reflecting this past season’s Disney favorite “Frozen”. Little kids frantically sing along to the overplayed “Let it Go” soundtrack, much to the chagrin of the older children.

In the art room, paint splatters everywhere as little hands create masterpieces. Some of the art work will go back up on the shelf each night and will be worked on little by little, day by day, until the final product is displayed for all to see! Across the hall in music a little boys fingers are tangled in guitar strings as he clumsily strums a tune, one that becomes clearer and clearer each visit to the Music Clubhouse. By the time the Talent Show rolls around everyone will know he is playing the classic Stairway to Heaven.

Speaking of the Talent Show, it will be filmed by the Film Club members who will edit it to create a slide show. Throughout the week various specialty clubs offer programs like Girl Scouts, The Garden Club, Junior Police Academy and more!

As the late sun gives way to dusk, the teens tumble in, most of them coming from a daytime job right here at the Club. After eating dinner at the Club’s Kids Café, they participate in the Safe Summer Streets Program where each evening they can take part in Yoga, Girls Group, Cooking Class, College, Prep, Financial Literacy, Basketball Leagues and Swimming.

There is so much to do and so much to see! The possibilities are endless and open to all. We invite you to come and see “What’s Inside”. By Jake Mastrogiacomo, Career Prep Staff Member.