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Teen Program News

Teen Program News - Our Teen program has a number of upcoming events including a trip to Boston Bowl (6/6), a Pool Party (6/13), and an end of school year BBQ (6/20). Members of the Keystone Club will be volunteering at the Special Olympics (6/7) and the Greater Boston Food Bank (6/14). June also serves as the final month to get all assigned teens processed for the Summer Jobs program. Our thanks to the City of Boston’s Department of Youth Engagement & Employment, the John Hancock M.L.K. Scholars Program, and the Boston Private Industry Council. For info please contact Nate Roos (nroos@bgcdorchester.org).

Intramural Soccer Championship
- The play-offs began with Inter Milan defeating Celtic F.C., 7-4. Inter Milan was led by Elesandro Tavares (2 goals), Angelo Henderson (2 goals), John Pierre (1 goal), Alonzo DePina (1 goal) and Jamil Boykin (1 goal) while Celtic F.C. was led by Riccardo Romano (2 goals), Tahnyi Santiago (1 goal), and Justin DePina (1 goal). In the second game F.C. Barcelona, behind the offense of Ajay Goncalves (2 goals), Jyeir Hyppolite (1 goal) and Benson Nguyen (1 goal) defeated Celtic F.C. 4-2. Celtic F.C. was led by Aliandra DoCanto (1 goal) and Ronald Hyunh (1 goal). In the Championship game it was Elesandro Tavares (2 goals) and Nathan Cabral (1 goal) leading Inter Milan to a 3-1 victory, while F.C. Barcelona was led by Ajay Goncalves (1 goal).

Member Recognition Night
- Invitations are in the mail to those members to be recognized at our Annual Member Recognition Night Dinner on 6/25. Awards in all core program areas, as well as the Director Awards and the Youth of the Year Awards will be presented. Dinner will be served at 6:00 and will be followed by the awards ceremony. Parents are encouraged to attend. For information contact Chad Hassey (chassey@bgcdorchester.org).