Clark Booth on Sports

Great conquerors don’t know the meaning of the word “enough.” Their appetites are ravenous. There’s no “quit” in these bullies until the Reaper himself blows the whistle. ’Tis ever been thus.

On horseback, Genghis Khan led his lads from the... Read more

In all the games played for our savage amusement the seasons are too long and grueling. But in no other is that more the case than where hockey is purportedly played best. That’s no surprise. In contemporary times, incompetence and folly have been... Read more

Stray observations and idle musings while sorting out the 43 men, women, and children who are posted as official Red Sox vice presidents in the team’s annual media guide, which we assume is accurate. Not clear is what they all do or how they rank in... Read more

Foreword: It’s the 50th anniversary of arguably the most important New England-based sports story of the last half-century: the rise of the Red Sox in the 1967 season that was innocently dubbed “The Impossible Dream.” Having been there for the joyful... Read more

Stray observations and gratuitous wisecracks for you to chew on while awaiting that sweetest of seminal sporting moments: first results from the Grapefruit League.

With the allegedly hottest starting rotation this side of the legendary... Read more

Patriots’ idolaters don’t want to hear it. Nor might anything at this point rain on their interminable parade. But for whatever it’s worth, history is likely to judge their team’s wild and crazy conquest in Soupey LI as not so much an epic triumph of... Read more

One has resisted, Lord knows. Bowing to the conventional wisdom, let alone the lunatic ravings of a crazed fan base, has never been my idea of a guiding principle for the doing of this sportswriting work.

After all, when I got into this  ... Read more

The last time I was in Houston for a Super Bowl was 43 years ago when Hunter S. Thompson was the star of the show and “The Battle of the Blue Fox” upstaged the game. Houston, high among America’s grittiest towns, and Soupey, foremost of America’s pagan... Read more

Baseball now has five bright and shiny new saints to canonize when the tribe assembles for its annual rites of sanctification in the pastoral paradise of Cooperstown the last weekend in July. Beer will surely flow. Tears will be abundantly shed.... Read more

Ordinarily, as if there were anything ordinary about the kingdom of Sport in these times, the subject of the week would be the NFL playoffs, that fierce if sometimes mindless celebration of pain and mayhem that has taken custody of the otherwise bleak... Read more

Eras ended and doors closed on history. It was a year of tumultuous transition. The class of 2016 is long on numbers and even higher in distinction.

Oft infuriatingly complex and willfully enigmatic, Muhammad Ali nonetheless transcended Sport.... Read more

Here’s a short list of points clearing the decks of what remains of 2016. Parting with this year won’t quite be sweet sorrow. There have been better ones:

• If 2017 is to be a significant upgrade, it will necessarily begin with the Patriots,... Read more

No matter what you may have read or heard in recent days, the most spectacular off-season antics in the checkered history of the Boston Red Sox occurred 69 years ago. They produced a thunderclap that rocked Baseball’s entire firmament, raising fears... Read more

It’s pushing a quarter century since Major League Baseball experienced its last and gravest labor catastrophe. But the lingering horror over the meltdown that aborted the 1994 season and the World Series just won’t go away. Hence an eerie dread... Read more