Clark Booth on Sports

Awards season is upon us. With it comes all the usual conflict, controversy, and recrimination. In baseball, the dispensing of precious laurels is a venerated and hallowed process bloated with more than a century of precedent.

Blunders committed... Read more

Actually, Politics and Sport have long been interesting bedfellows. The union has been warm and cozy, if also controversial.

Not so long ago an ex-football coach from Nebraska, an All-American QB from Oklahoma, an all-pro wideout from Washington... Read more

As happens now and again – at least every decade or so – we get a World Series that sort of hits the national sweet spot and is not so much just a mere blistering tussle for sporting glory and treasure as a rare slice of Americana. So it was with the... Read more

Random thoughts and stray observations while waiting for the Indians and Cubs to finish off what has been arguably the nicest Fall Classic of this era.

That would be “nice” in the sense that for most of us (save for the more extreme zealots in... Read more

In its wisdom, the National Hockey League has proclaimed the 2016-2017 season its “Centennial” and will regale us with lavish commemorative moments throughout the fall, winter, and spring with hopefully the celebration being done and the music ending... Read more

Hard for the Nation to swallow no doubt, but the party continues without the presumptive guest of honor. So much for the giddy thesis holding that the Red Sox were the team to beat in this season’s prolonged and agonizing post-season festival, the only... Read more

Here are points to be pondered while awaiting the arrival of Sir Galahad on his high horse, fresh from the tanning salons of Spain’s Costa del Sol:

Gods Give Brady the Browns

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Baseball’s September promise, which had been notably dim at best, proved worse than expected. The faint hope of at least one genuine race to the wire got smashed when the Red Sox mounted a magnificently mindless surge (11 straight and counting) that... Read more

Wonderful stuff, Sports: You just never know when the boom will be lowered on the gridirons of the National Football League.

Here were the good citizens of Patriots Nation comfortably settling in the armchairs of New England and calculating how... Read more

Hereabouts, it may be little noted, with your Town Team riding high with three weeks to go. Similar indifference can be expected in LA, Texas, St. Louis, maybe even New York.

But in nonaligned baseball territories and sectors of the culture... Read more

Cracking wise with idle musings on a leisurely Labor Day while waiting for the drive to the baseball wire to become feverish. The gun sounds for the last lap, but we may be in for a disappointment. At last check we had precisely one valid race,... Read more

Mind you, I’ve no idea how good a puck-chaser Harvard-boy Jimmy Vesey is or how much he’ll impact the NHL. Happily, I retired about 40 years ago from the sorry business of predicting how great the hugely publicized but untested phenoms of sport may... Read more

The bar for the Rio Olympics was set so low only an unmitigated catastrophe could have rendered the 2016 Games a failure. In fact, the glass-half-full crowd will have no problems delivering a joyful verdict –overflowing with  cheeky “I told you so”... Read more

Now that we have survived the turgid melodrama of A-Rod’s weepy farewells, one assumes it is safe to return to the pennant race, or at least to what’s left of it.

Two things were made clear by the experience of the Yankee prodigal’s last sting... Read more

You gotta hand it to the Yankees, Mates, no matter how tough a swallow that may be for you. They’ve done it again.

Bumbling along in their most miserable season in a quarter century, bracing for an interminable and tedious re-build, answering... Read more