Clark Booth on Sports

Moments after David Price had completed his high-profile (if otherwise meaningless) bow as presumptive meal ticket of the Boston Red Sox down at Fort Myers, WBZ Radio’s intrepid Jonny Miller – relentless chronicler of our Town Team’s every waking move... Read more

“The Long Goodbye” has always been to me the very best of the incomparable Raymond Chandler’s splendid tales. You know, the one about that amiable drunk Terry Lennox and how he lead the relentless gumshoe Philip Marlowe on a merry chase through the... Read more

Stray thoughts and random observations on this and that while waiting for the next cleat to drop in aimless, pointless, and endless “Deflategate.”

And there remains a pair of salient questions, one of which logically needs be answered eventually... Read more

Still more proof of how time flies when you’re having fun, we’re about to make the far turn in the merciless death march known as the National Hockey League’s regular season.  In the course of this week, the Bruins, like the rest of their confreres,... Read more

With temps plunging down around the big goose egg and arctic gales slicing across the region like the scythe of the Reaper Himself, it’s nice to be heralding the arrival of baseball. Or at least that faint version of it that amuses the snowbirds of New... Read more

Long, long ago — probably the morning of Soupey III of imperishable memory— Anne and I attended the 9 a.m Mass at St. Eulalia’s In Winchester and the presiding prelate, a smart and sassy young priest, began by saying, “ Today is Super Sunday; the... Read more

The fact that all-star festivals in the four major professional sports have become needless folly is pretty much accepted as axiomatic. Time-worn and out of date, they only work for the host cities, as handy excuses for huge parties, and for network... Read more

Several things!  Beginning, obviously, with an appropriate farewell to your Patriots who, all things considered, put together a helluva season only to whimp out in the end it on a note of curious befuddlement. Let the second-guessing begin, and there... Read more

And so it comes down to “one more one,” as Count Basie used to like to coo. With guns ablazing, Manning and Brady meet one last time in the foothills of the Rockies with biting winds sweeping across the Great Plains and everything on the line.

... Read more

Yep, I know, it’s still football season; indeed, it’s the launching point of the epic march to glorious Soupey L and a potential appointment in football Valhalla for Brothers Belichick and Brady and their merry band of Foxborough frolickers. Post-... Read more

High among the great changes in my business, which is journalism, in the going-on 60 years since I entered upon this improbable stage has been a none-too-subtle alteration of its most basic dictum.

When I came along, about the time Jack Kennedy... Read more

The list is long and filled with illustrious names of those for whom the bell tolled in 2015 after making their fame or devoting their lives to the culture of sport. Along the way they enriched our times:
It was a splendid irony that claimed both... Read more

It’s time for the clearing of the deck as another vintage year comes lumbering fitfully to an end, and they are all “vintage,” matey, as long as you remain on the right side of the grass. And again there is the metaphysical marvel to be pondered as the... Read more

In the near perpetual convolution that major league baseball has become, one month can make an astounding difference.

When the World Series ended the first week of November, the conventional wisdom boiled over in its admiration of the small-... Read more

It’s that time again, much treasured in this precinct. Baseball gets to harvest its annual crop of fresh new immortals for us to either celebrate or bicker about, although all signs point to at best a thin crop this time. Observations are in order.... Read more