Clark Booth on Sports

Have some notes in passing on a handful of things while breathlessly awaiting more cleats to drop with the latest turn of the screw in dreary “Deflategate,” now precariously pending:

And might there be any way the road can be paved to the... Read more

Sometimes you wonder if maybe for some folks the game within the game is more exciting and greater fun than the game itself.

That seems clearly the view of that increasing multitude of baseball fanatics who more and more dote obsessively and... Read more

We have here stray thoughts and random wisecracks looking for a place to land while the sporting world awaits the cleats to drop on baseball’s trade deadline, a giddy spot on the calendar lately rising to rival Halloween and Ground Hog Day among... Read more

Granted, it derives from a shallow promotional scheme abetted by the shallowest of TV networks. Further, as a product of the random vote of fans, it becomes even more suspect, in that all fans are hardly equally knowledgeable. But the selecting of... Read more

Whatever purpose baseball’s faded and essentially irrelevant all-star game still serves, it unquestionably brings the curtain slamming down on the first act of the grand olde game’s long, long – some might say “too long” – theatrical exercise called... Read more

Coolest moment in an otherwise uninspired windup to the basketball season came when the Cavaliers’ valiant superhero, LeBron James, paused before the beginning of Game Three in Cleveland to pay tribute to the incomparable Jim Brown, seated regally at... Read more

Back in the good old days when daily newspapers were all alone as kings of the media heap and the New York tabloids were the sauciest in the art form, Jimmy Cannon was widely regarded as the last word on every game under the sun. And not only by... Read more

It hasn’t been six months – roughly the length of an entire off-season – since the Bruins faded away. It only seems so. Hockey has been hot over much of the continent this spring but not in Boston.

Seemingly adrift in a prolonged sulk, the re-... Read more

Rounding the bases, all four of them, even if none of this has anything to do with baseball.

For an easy opener, a veritable trot to first, we’re indebted to international soccer’s incomparable despot, Sepp Blatter.

Not since Richard... Read more

If the baseball season were a horse race, Memorial Day would be the far turn way off there by the edge of the woods with all the combatants clustered and barely discernible even through binoculars, shrouded in mist. In other words, it’s early.

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Here’s some sporting finger food to chomp on while awaiting Tom Brady’s march to the federal courts for an ‘Armageddon’ on ‘Deflategate’. Yeah, sure; that’ll be the day!

But if Quarterback Brady would be nuts to go that route— once his... Read more

In the end, the wonder of it all was that it only took the National Football League about four months to figure out the extraordinary pickle dubbed ‘Deflategate’ and assess, with obvious pain and equivocation, the requisite punishments. But then... Read more

This being the Age of Wretched Excess, wherein hyperbole and mindless ostentation are givens as openers, you knew there was no way there was ever going to be anything remarkable about the big boxing fandango in the desert. From the start it had “con-... Read more

When Grandmasters Lerner and Loewe glorified the joys of May in soaring song, they were paying tribute to springtime in Camelot. But they may well have had North American sport in mind as well.

From the great awakening in mid-April through... Read more

Random thoughts, stray observations, and gratuitous wisecracks on a glut of sporting questions while awaiting the next skate to fall on the Bruins and the clock to strike twelve for the Celtics.

I’ve no idea whether the Celts would have been... Read more