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"Boston's Next Top Model"

Boston’s Next Top Model is a self-esteem and self-care program designed to build confidence and social awareness in girls between the ages of 11-17. Through learning to model, the girls will have the opportunity to learn how to posture themselves, both figuratively and literally.

Over 8 weeks, the girls will begin each session with learning and practicing to runway, pageant, and "regular" walk. Followed by the walking, each session will lead into another aspect of being a model. The sessions will cover (1) Etiquette, (2) Proper Dress for Every Occasion, (3) Skin Care and Make-up Use, (4) Hair Care and Easy Styling, (5) Hygiene, (6) Easy Physical Fitness, (7) Education for the Woman’s Mind, and (8) Basic Money Management. Post each session the young ladies will be charged with leading a discussion on current civic affairs while eating lunch.

This starts Saturday, June 29, 2013 from 10 am-1:00 am and ends Saturday, August 17, 2013. First Come First Served. Registration Required

alcopeland.pcc@gmail.com (617) 334-5954
Al Copeland


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