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Community Dialogues on Dorchester's Ethnic and Racial Diversity

The YWCA is hosting a moderated dialogue on Boston's racial and ethnic diversity in Dorchester, starting April 27. Register now to be part of this important conversation!
YWCA Boston’s Community Dialogues on Boston’s ethnic and racial diversity is an ongoing project to bring people from all walks of life together to create stronger, safer and more unified neighborhoods.

How Does It Work?
Community dialogues participants complete a 5 week series of discussions about race and ethnicity. Dialogues are led by trained, skilled moderators. Each dialogue is comprised of a diverse group of Boston men and women. Dialogues are scheduled in different neighborhoods to allow broad participation and encourage community building.

Why Should I Participate?
Transform the divisions between us into links that enrich us
Be part of an honest discussion about challenging and relevant issues
Build connections with your neighbors and community
Gain insight into your own racial and ethnic identity
Join a growing movement to build a more tolerant, diverse Boston

When Is It?
The dialogues will take place Tuesday nights starting Apr 27, ending May 25, 2010 at Codman Square Tech Center in Dorchester.

How Do I Register?
Go to www.bostondialogues.org
Call Kathryn at (617) 5855423
Email dialogues@ywcaboston.org
Click here to register online.

dialogues@ywcaboston.org, (617) 5855423
Kathryn Henderson