2009 elections

Pressley picks Kerry aide as her new campaign manager

Gintautas Dumcius and Mike Deehan, Reporter Staff
Aug. 6, 2009

Meet City Council At-Large candidate Ayanna Pressley’s new campaign director: James Chisholm, a top local aide to U.S. Sen. John Kerry. According to one source close to the campaign, Pressley just wasn’t clicking with her now-former campaign manager, Stuart Rosenberg.

So it’s no surprise that Pressley, a former aide to Kerry herself, has turned to a friend and fellow Kerry staffer to take over. Chisholm, who worked as a deputy press secretary and speechwriter for the senator, officially started work on Pressley’s campaign on Monday.  Read more

Nguyen's journey: From Vietnam to Council run

Hiep Q. Nguyen was eight years old when his family came over from Vietnam in 1991. There were twelve of them: His parents, Hiep, and nine other siblings.

“We came in with nothing,” he recalls.

Eighteen years later, Nguyen, an accountant based in Dorchester, is running for one of the four City Council At-Large seats, the first Vietnamese-American to do so.  Read more

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules – 8/6/09

Michael Flaherty is going to the Gay Games tonight. Tom Menino's hanging out with John Henry and a bookmobile. And Sam Yoon continues his pursuit of WFNX competition perfection.  Read more

VIDEO: Tito Jackson on how to keep young people in Boston

City Council At-Large candidate Tito Jackson took a moment this evening to talk to Lit Drop about ways the city can retain younger residents.

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules – 8/4/09 (Party at Red Hat!)

Everyone's partying at the zoo to celebrate community watch programs, but only Sam Yoon is headed to Beacon Hill bar Red Hat after. Then it looks like he's going back to the zoo for Gospel. Mike Flaherty is holding a blogger lunch get-together tomorrow, and you can be sure that at least one of your friendly neighborhood litdroppers will be there, monitoring how many blogger-hacks accept the candidate's food and refreshments.  Read more

NECN interviews all four candidates

Starting tonight with Kevin McCrea, New England Cable News is hosting each of the four mayoral candidates for a one-on-one interview with Broadside host Jim Braude. Mike Flaherty takes the stage tomorrow, Sam Yoon on Wednesday and Mayor Tom Menino is on Thursday. Broadside begins at 6 p.m.

Herald: Dirty deeds derange democracy

The Herald's Richard Weir jumps in on the growing dirtiness of this mayoral election.

"...an angry phone call to Flaherty from a City Hall official apparently got quick action. Jay Walsh, Menino’s director of neighborhood services, told the Herald he phoned Flaherty on July 9 to complain that his name was tied to a posting on the site blasting Menino over the browning out of firehouses."

Yoonies never say die!

Bostonist bring us a look at Sam Yoon's cafepress store, which features some clever, some terrible, all groan-inducing campaign shirts. Yooninites can grab a "Yooooooon!" faux-Sox shirt or even one promoting the Yoonies.

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules – 7/31/09

Mayor Menino addresses regional officials today about working to end child hunger. Sam Yoom is talkin' substance abuse at City Hall, and Michael Flaherty is pressing the flesh (political lingo for handshaking, fyi) in Mattapan.  Read more

Flaherty calls meals and hotel tax hike "dropping an anvil on small local businesses."

Contributed by Jackie Hai:

WBZ interviewed City Councilor Michael Flaherty recently (thanks for the non-existent date-stamp, 'BZ!) about the local option meals and hotels tax proposed by Mayor Thomas Menino on July 22. The increase would hike taxes on meals at local restaurants up to 7% and hotel room-rates up to 14.45% effective Oct. 1.

Flaherty vehemently opposes the proposal, which he likens to "dropping an anvil on small local businesses."  Read more