2009 elections

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules – 7/30/09

After the incident in Mattapan earlier this week, Tom Menino and Sam Yoon are scheduled to be at the same event today, the kickoff of the Codman Square farmer's market in Dochester. Also of note today: Mike Flaherty opens a campaign HQ in Roslindale and Yoon continues his musical domination on WFNX.  Read more

Yoon, Menino aides clash in Mattapan

Campaign trail tensions erupted when top officials from Mayor Thomas Menino's administration this week crashed a Mattapan forum hosted by mayoral hopeful and City Councillor At-Large Sam Yoon.  Read more

BERNSTEIN: Flaherty camp concerned over polling location change in heart of Southie base

Contributed by Jackie Hai:

The Phoenix blog has the story: The Boston Elections Department raised a minor kerfuffle in the Flaherty camp by deeming St. Matthew the Redeemer Church in South Boston -- smack in the middle of Flaherty country -- no longer a polling place. There are concerns that moving the polls to another location will have a negative affect on voter turnout.  Read more

Yoon calls for green roofs. Only sort of literally.

Contributed by Jackie Hai:

City Councilor and mayoral candidate Sam Yoon has proposed new legislation that would give tax incentives for Boston property owners to build green roofs.

WBUR reports:
"Rooftop gardens are considered to help air quality, lower energy costs and cool down cities. However, they’re costly to install, ranging from $7 to $25 per square foot. Yoon’s legislation would give building owners a reduction of $5 per square foot on their property taxes."

WHERE THEY ARE: The candidates’ schedules – 7/28/09 - The Mayor’s going to camp!

Well, he's welcoming campers today on Long Island. I would pay good money to see Menino do any of the listed camp activities (except arts and crafts.) And Sam Yoon takes the campaign to Mattapan Square.  Read more

The No Nonsense Mobile strikes fear in the hearts of the nonsensical

Someone must have flashed the Trabucco-signal from the steeple of Blessed Mother Theresa Church today, because I spotted Bill Trabucco’s campaign wagon parked outside the church along Dot. Ave. Trabucco means business, people.

We know who Kevin McCrea is

Take it as a sign that the campaign in shifting into mainstream mode, where regular folks turn their attention to the names they’ll be faced with on the Sept. 22 ballot: WBUR listeners got a reprieve from pledge drives, comments from members of the healthcare committees and the enormously successful discussion on race relations in the US to get an earful of mayoral candidate Kevin McCrea.  Read more

UPDATED: Flaherty charges Menino with forcing meal and hotel tax-funded "bailout" on city

The Michael Flaherty campaign took a swing at Mayor Thomas Menino this morning, issuing a statement declaring Flaherty’s opposition to Menino’s plan for a meal and hotel tax increase. Flaherty said that Menino “has failed to effectively manage the city’s revenue and spending.”  Read more

WBUR: This Bostonian Life with Tom from Hyde Park

WBUR spent some time following Mayor Menino around recently. Tooling around in his City SUV/mobile mayor’s office, Menino does not hesitate to criticize his opponents. In regards to Councillor Sam Yoon attending a groundbreaking event in Hyde Park, Menino said:  Read more

ALLSTON-BRIGHTON TAB meets the candidates

The Allston-Brighton TAB newspaper takes a look at the 5-man (Feegbeh '09!) race for mayor. Aside from the dateline, at no point do the words "Allston" or "Brighton" appear in the piece, so don't expect much of a local angle. My heart's pounding to know if the average Allstonian even knows there's an election coming. It would seem that the area would be Yoon territory, how's he doing out there?