Dorchester's Bennett to run for Sheriff

BOSTON- Dorchester’s Douglas Bennett for Sheriff of Suffolk County.

Bennett's statement is as follows:

"With the appointment of Andrea Cabral to the Public Safety Cabinet Position in the Governor’s administration, there will be a special election in September 2014 to elect a full-time Sheriff to serve out the remainder of a six year term which expires in 2016. Therefore, I ask for your support for Sheriff of Suffolk County. I am starting early in effort to run an aggressive and triumphant campaign.

As Sheriff, I will oversee a $122 million budget, the Nashua Street Jail and South Bay House of Correction, and the Civil Service Process here in the county.

Additionally, as Sheriff, I will pursue cost effective ways to lower crime and violence through peaceful means. For instance, I believe that through the creation of “Crime Deterrence Posses,” these organizations will lower crime and violence on the grassroots local level through Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and Winthrop by engaging in aggressive door knocking and personal face to face interaction within our communities. Click here to read Bennett's plan to organize his Suffolk County Posses:

These Posses will consist of the community elders, church leaders, elected officials, and activist,s and they will enable and build a greater sense of trust between the residents of Suffolk County and local government and law enforcement.

This type of crime fighting technique is based off of counterinsurgency tactics used by the United States Military in Iraq and Afghanistan and they are successfully being used on a smaller scale in the North End neighborhood of Springfield, Massachusetts led by State Trooper Mike Cutone. Here in Suffolk County, as Sheriff I will implement a duplicate program on a county-wide scale.

Many people witness crime everyday but are afraid to come forward out of fear of retribution. Yet, if we are able to increase trust within our communities, more people will feel comfortable to come forward to authorities when necessary. Most importantly, a program like this will cost tax payers no money.”

Bennett, who is 37 years old, is a father of two young sons and resides in Saint Ann's Parish in Dorchester. A former Suffolk Criminal Trial Court Case Specialist for the Suffolk County Criminal Trial Court, Bennett at one time served as a County Commissioner having been elected at age 28 years old. Also, Bennett is a former Air-Assault Army Reservist having served in the mid 1990s.

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