Figured I'd get the ball rolling and see what part of Dot everyone is from.

I live in the Polish Triangle area of Dot, on Roseclair street just a few steps from Edward Everett Square and the great Pear statue. I've lived here pretty much my whole life, apart from a few brief stints in Los Angeles and Chapel Hill, NC.

Currently I'm working at a company I co-founded, The 42nd Estate, a web media firm specializing in freelance writing and blog/social media consulting. Whenever I have spare time I love riding by my single speed bicycle around town.

Oh, and for what it's worth, in my humble opinion Dot is easily the best part of Boston.

What's your village and what do you do?



Or Columbia/Savin Hill as the sign on Columbia Road says. The neighborhood association has the same name. It's a clunky monniker, but what are you going to do? I've stopped telling people I live in Columbia since it makes them scratch thier heads. I say JFK/UMASS instead and that gets a better a response. It's still not the best name to describe where I live since I rarely go to that side of the tracks.

I have lived here almost two years, by choice. I could have lived in another part of Boston, but I chose Dorchester and I haven't regretted it. This forum is a nice opportunity to further enjoy the company and observations of my neighbors, especially those farther flung from my neck of the Dot.

I work in Longwood. It's a straight shot down Stoughton Street, then Dudley Street, Malcolm X Blvd., then Tremont Street to my office. Three miles in twenty minutes on a motorcycle. I pass through Uphams Corner every afternoon and once I do, I feel like I've crossed a threshold into home. I take lots of detours down side streets because I think most parts of Dorchester are beautiful. It is an underappreciated part of Boston.

If you told me you lived in Columbia I'd scratch my head too! And I live directly parallel to columbia road and a 15 minute walk from you!

I tell people I live two minutes from JFK/Umass a lot...that's the one where they usually go "Ahhhh, I know where that is"

Failing that there's "End of Mass Ave."

Welcome aboard Adam! Thanks for getting the ball rolling.
Lower Mills checking in here.
The Reporter's offices are next to Bayside Expo on Columbia Point, so the Polish Triangle is a regular stomping ground for the Dot Repo staff. We are regulars at the Polish deli (DJ's Market) on Boston Street - excellent subs at low-cost. There are great Polish eats over your way- what do you recommend?
For those who don't know Adam yet, make sure you bookmark his blog It will be a regular on the DotNews blog roll too.

Big fan of the Lower Mills area. Nice to see both ends of Dot represented here! Where's all the middle Dot people?

As for Polish eats, there's Polonia Cafe on Dot Ave near Andrew Square. Excellent Polish beer and all the food is tasty (if you've never been, try the pierogis, sausages, potato pancakes or the polish plate which is a mix of cabbage, pierogis and kielbasa sausage). DJ's is great too, as is the Euro Mart on Dot Ave, though I don't think they have subs but they do have Polish bread and lots of Polish meats. We get food from there all the time and it's tasty and authentic.

Must say though, I'm a huge, huge fan of Real Tacos and Avenue Grille. I'm sure you've been to both but if not Real Tacos is a MUST! The best burritos in Boston hands down.

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out. :-)

Lower Mills/Codman hill area since 1973

Warehouse Supervisor/ Shipping Manager for a major Pharamceutical Company.

Travel through the burg everyday shop locally and encourage former Dot rats to come home and abondon the strip mall ghettos they created. come home and let's re bulid this place to what it once was for our kids and their kids.

stop waxing poetic about the good old days and come back and we can make it the good old NOW!!!!!

Take a sad Song and make it better

Rich Carney