You have a choice!

You have a choice! Open enrollment for health insurance through the State of Massachusetts is coming to an end this Thursday, June 25th. Make sure that you have taken advantage of this time and have made sure you will have the health insurance plan of your choice under Commonwealth Care Plans & Mass Health. If you are currently enrolled in a health insurance plan through the State of Massachusetts either it be Neighborhood Health Plan, Network Health or BMC Health Net you have the option to switch to another plan if you want to or you can stay with your current plan. However to ensure that what ever choice you make is fulfilled you need to mail back the form from the state asking you about open enrollment. If you do not fill this form out and mail it back you take the chance that the state may switch your coverage to another plan. There is a new plan coming out July 1st under Commonwealth Care that is called CeltiCare. It is just as good as any of the other plans currently under Commonwealth Care & Mass Health, but just like the other plans it may not cover your current doctor. If you have not made your choice then you may very well be switched to CeltiCare. If you need assistance with the enrollment process then please contact the Neponset Health Center's financial advisors. They will walk you through the necessary steps of either enrolling for a state sponsored insurance plan for the first time or making sure your choice of plan is processed correctly with the state. If you have any questions about the open enrollment process they will be able to help you for FREE! Who doesn't like FREE HELP?

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