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Valerie Owen

Join Us on Dorchester Day in Glover's Corner at Hancock 309 Gallery! Celebrate Dorchester Artists Elaine Croce Happnie and Designer Drea Couture for Fashion Cafe The Show. This exhibit weaves dreams and fantasies. D.J George Owen will be spinning all day!

Michael Fitzgerald

hey dorchester, mike fitzgerald here. used to live on wheatland ave and hung out on alpha road with don messenger, billy godinho, ronny kelly, brian mcmahon, ricky oreilly, john ricardo, franky arbing, and the list goes on and on. left dot at 18 in 1972 joined the army and have been all over since. retired from the army in 92 in north carolina where i seemed to have sunk some roots for some 25 plus years. after retiring from the army, and if you can believe it, i became a cop - no kidding, a cop, and i'm getting ready to retire again. someone told me a long time ago to get a real job, maybe now i'll try - just giving a shout out to any one of the ole group still around - i know john and paula ricardo still are.

Dan Fitzgerald

Hi Fred Rogers this is Dan Fitzgerald I played with you some on hockey teams on and off the ice. Have you heard from or know of the rest of the guys from Alpha. Last I spoke with was kelly and we missed each other when I went home. I think he's living in Bridgewater. My email is dfddf17 if you'd like to catch up or give me some of the other guys emails, Corbet bros hardy bros, kelly Devine Liottie

Carol Hock

Hello Mary yes I remember it all I had Sister George Marie in 7th grade I just loved her sister Valencia in the 6th grade they were the best and Sister Imaculata marie I think that was 8th grade yes and my brother was Larry, I remember going to the little St Mathews for the Christmas Pagent dressed as an Angel and wearing the gold tinsle I love the Memories Carol


is there a Savin Hill watch. I am interested in participating. Once I hear yes or no I will provide an email address. THANKS


What has happened?
Has everyone found childhood friends?
Solved all of Dorchesters problems?
No one is posting on here.


BUBBA still Loves TRIXY
And not for her cooking
Happy New Year
Luv Joe




im looking to speak with a man named paul who posted a little over a year ago who was looking for Eugene R. Conway,US 51 096 649 SGT ARTY. i'd like to speak with you please contact me at

Jane Taylor

My ancestors arrived in Dorchester in 1630 (Phelps) and I returned in 1980s to about the same area !


I want to be put on the E-lert crime watch List.
I live on Savin Hill.
Name: Edward Spinucci
Address: 400 Savin Hill Ave, Apt.#16
Dorchester, MA 02125
Phone: 617-287-9479

Mary Murphy

Nannette Conley Coulstring

The correct spelling is Moseley St and it runs from 24 Crescent Ave
to 875 Columbia Rd. Good Luck!

Joseph M. Leader

'' jimmy condon & the farm '' i would still love to see a reunion, a bunch of us who remembers, getting together going down to the hall that was rented and plan a gathering, trace over the things we remembered, it would be a lot of fun. my sister & husband remember's those days !!!

nannette conley coulstring

Hi I am trying to find my roots. I lived on Alexander St. in Dorchester--moved away when I was 10 yrs old, in 1945. I remember the man coming around each night to turn on the gas lamps on the street. I am tring to find Mosley Street. I remember walking there to visit my Grandmother. I have tried mapquest but as I am coming off of the expressway--it is almost impossible to find it. I thought if I used my old address as a starting point I might be successful. Any suggestions--and am I spelling Mosley Street correctly? Thanks for any help you can give me. Sincerely, Nannette Conley Coulstring

Robert Clarkson

Mr. Smith way too much emotion over events long past. I grew up in Dorchester, although younger than Bob Cloughety AKA Bobby Quinn.

Bobby Clougherty grew up in a wonderful family. His mothers madden name was Quinn. Thus the fighting name Bobby Quinn. Bobby had a god given gift of supernatural strength. By the time he fought Rocky Marcinao he had a 55" chest and was 5'11. I know because I watched him fight Rocky Marciano in 1948.

The Dorchester Reporter should be ashamed of it's 2002 article referring to Bobby 'Quinn' Clougherty as the tough fighter with a 'Heart of Gold'.
1. He savagely beat, tore apart, and sexually raped a 13 teen year old girl to an inch of her life. It was not just rape it was a brutal event as reported in the paper. Bobby Clougherty was 16 teen years old, tried as an adult, and spent numerous years in the Charlestown Maximum Security Prison Section for this hedonist act.

After being released from Charlestown prison he emerged shortly after onto the boxing scene. He was a convicted felon who got a boxing license. Such were the times. If enough people are interested in your career the money is paid and the license is granted.

Before Rocky Marcino Bobby Clougherty Quinn never trained properly he always relied on his god given strength. He also drank heavily against everyone's warnings.He could have easily been heavy weight world champion.

His Psychopathic personality, to the discredit of his family, lead to the brutal rape, imprisonment in the Chalestown Maximum Security Section, and before and after Marciano he was an enforcer for the Irish Mob, then a plain numbers collector, then a bouncer till he was in his early 60's. After which he was a full time drunk. In the mist of this he marries a wonderful women, has 2 sons, and six daughters. The son's were nice but tough guys in a normal way. The 6 daughters to my knowledge all turned out wonderful, highly educated, just like their mother, beautiful, honest and kind. God truly works in mysterious ways. They all know their fathers history.

If my writing this to correct a major defect which I could not let go because of the 13 teen year old girl, and in doing so upset any younger generation member of his family who did not know I regret this but as the saying goes "Karma is a bitch"

I am writing this in case any young person in Dorchester who wants to be a boxer and sees your 2002 article actually looks up and says to himself that was one hell of a fighter if only he had not run into Rocky Marciano.

Now all that is left is for the Dorchester Reporter to get up off their duffers, go to the records they have access to, correct the harm they have caused, and write the truth before some young person actually wants to emulate your person with the 'Heart of Gold'.

Jim Smith whoever you are good for you but next time stick to the facts. You know a little but not enough!

Jim Smith

In reference to your shinning 2002 notice of the passing of the boxer "with the heat of gold" Bobby Quinn AKA Robert (Bob) Clougherty. Ever wonder why this man with a "heat of gold" name never appeared before 1948. This man with the "heart of gold" rapped a 13 year old girl when he was 15 to a hairs breath of her life. He spend the next 6 years in the maximum security Charlestown Prison. He was a drunk before he fought Marciano and a drunk and and a mob enforcer after Marciano. After that he was a drunk and numbers collector. Always one step forward of the Boston Police.

If you are any kind of reporter search the records of the Charlestown Prison and the Boston Police you might then want to write a retraction of the "man with a heart of gold" at least for all his victims. Especially for the 13 year old girl he rapped so many years ago and for all women who have been savagely beaten and rapped.

joseph leader

having so much fun here, does anyone remember the blue lady from southie, she would kneel on every corner on west broadway and had out little american flags to us kids. some say she saw her whole family get killed in war, and maybe the memory of the long time ago the pigeon feeder on the stairs of the south boston savings bank on browdway, reminded you of bag of feed the birds tuffins a bag from mary poppins (god bless) :(

Joseph Leader

Jimmy Condon Reminded me of the rex trailer man of that long ago era. Sadly This Subject Has Been Slowly Dissapearing From The Reporter, I Would Love To Have A get Together, Possably A Reunion With Everyone, Paula If You Are Still Out There Contact Me At

Joseph Leader

Paula Were You Related To Jimmy Condon? Thanx

joe leader

the elm farm went on to become the original purity supreme. Mary(Karpowicz)Stankiewicz your e-mail address in no longer valid

joseph leader

Sorry I Had To Come Back, I Looked It Up. The Elm Farm On The Corner Of Dudley And Columbia Road Was The Very First Supermarket (get this) In The World So They Say. The Pink Suirrell on dudley street, the carousel lounge near franklin park. My Mom And Dad Would Take Us To The Asia Restaurant They Had The Best Pork Chops, We Would Call Them 30 Minutes Before So They Could Cook. from there off to the park st theatre for all the horror shows (Mark Of The Devil) Need A Cab? Call Cleary Cab. Thank You So Much !!! (let's be friends)

joseph m. leader

hello my name is joe, i am originally from south boston, ma. i remember when jimmy would hire the buses, we would all meet outside the old colony prodjucts. i was very young back then i am 50 now. like you said we would get on the buses and head out for the farm. i can remember swinging on the swings in the front yard. after a while we would get back on the buses and head down the long roads with lots of trees that would hang over the road. i can remember there was kind of a large lake, we would pull over to the side of the road so we could go in the water. it was so nice, the only way i remember it, the water was like a cranberry color and the water was so warm and relaxing. when you mentioned the rental hall you took my breath away. it was so much fun there, once we got to the hall there were all kinds of fun things to do. my sister insisted that i get on the stage which i did. on stage i will never forget, i sang good morning little yellow bird. to this day my sisters and i still reminise about it. now the best part, he would then take us to an amusement park, some people say he owned it, but i am not sure of this. i know lincoln park, and also jolly cholly's were near there. i can remember a very large lake next to the park, there would be boat rides all day long. bay road in easton i ride occasionally to see what i can come up with, this road was used a lot with the buses we were on. i came upon a lake which made me think of the cranberry colored one, it did have a pull off to the side a dirt space to park, i took notice if the water was a cranberry color which was not. also on this road i think i found the rental hall, i was so excited i called the town hall in easton for info, i had asked them if there was a rental hall that had a stage which they replied yes, it was somewhere on bay road, i believe it looked like a large red builing of some sort, lots of trees around and places for the buses to park. some people actually said he had the amusement park on his property which i don't think so. i don't quite know where the farm was located, i do know his sister bernice st. claire had a lot to do with farm itself, the town hall said some called it the bernice farm. like i said i went riding along bay road looking to see what i could find. i came to a very beautiful bridge, once over the bridge to the left was a very large lake, possibly the one with the boat rides that ran all day. i also remember there was one of the old fashioned boats with the big wheel paddle in the back. at this point i remember the amusement park to the right of it. there was also a amusement park somewhere else around there but not sure, also rocky point in rhode island. anyway not too many people even know about any of this. please contact me at Home: (Joseph Leader) i know this is a dorchester paper and i do aplogize, there is one thing i have special interest, i have lived at 435 columbia road (boston strangler) back when dixon movers were next to the store on the corner which is now a restaurant. who can forget brox milk on boston street, and also mighty midgets thanks for all the wonderful memories

fred rogers

grew up on regina rd., top of the stairs by alpha rd.went to the lucy stone, oliver wendle holmes, grover cleveland, dot high, from st mark's parrish

Larry Sullivan


Kenny Mulcahy

Living in Dorchester in the 60's was the best time of my life.