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Whether you're OFD or brand new to the neighborhood, the guestbook lets you keep in touch with Dorchester.

Peter J Opanasets

Any old friends out here?

Thomas Cirignano

I grew up on Stanton Street, in the 1950s-60s. and attended Saint Matthew's School.
During a recent visit to the old neighborhood, it was great to see the area looking so nice.

Beth Rollins

Oh I did not make this up..........I tried explaining to folks I know about Jimmy Condon's farm. I could not recall where it was located as I was just a child. But I do have very fond memories of those days gone by. To get on the bus, excape the city life and go to what we thought was the country, we had cookouts,went swimming, had a juke box playing and just ran around having a great time. What a generous man he was, I looked forward to this trip every summer in the "Good ole days" I am now 57 years of age. Thanks and God Bless Jimmy, where ever you are!! (I am from St. Peter's Parish)


So sorry MarySue what an A@S i was
i will regret it for the rest of my life
Still thinking of u
wish i could still TTYL


Hi. I grew up in the Dorchester-Mattapan section of Boston. I lived there from 1949 to 1969. I've decided to start a new Internet web site: that tries to capture the long-past days when Dorchester-Mattap[an had a large Jewish population. I look back at: "The Wall at Franklin Field," Blue Hill Ave., Mattapan Square, the Morton and Oriental Theaters, the Chez Vous, the G&G Deli, the Almont House of Pizza, Norfolk and Almont Playgrounds, and a host of other familiar places. I hope you'll have a chance to stop by and read some of the stories and take the quiz on the schools of Dorchester-Mattapan I might mention that I attended the Charles H. Taylor Elementary School and later graduated from Boston Latin School. In the mid-1960s, I taught math at the then all-girls Jeremiah E, Burke H.S.

David Roney

An amazing place "DOT" no matter where my travels take me, Dorchester is always a very big part of me. So many fond memories, so many great people.

donald gabriel

grad from dot 1959 worked for grants sure miss liberty deli lower mills good hot pstromis

John Mazurkiewicz

I've lived in Dot all my life, and will remain with my wife !



James Lynch

Alexander street for first 25yrs. On Cape Cod for the last 30. Miss lots of stuff. Street cars, then "Trackless" trolleys. The passenger trains till after WWII. Magnolia trees on Magnolia Street while walking to the Benedict Fenwick grammer school and the Patrick T. Campbell Junior High.

Mike Jacobs

Grew up on Topliff Street in the 60s and 70s
Took a ride through the old neihborhood last week
Things have changed a lot up on Bowden Street
The only thing i reconized was the Hammy Hardware
Still have many fond memories

David Roney

forgot to leave e-mail address Grew up in Dot. lived on Torrey st Codman square area, went to st Matts, Woodrow Wilson and Dot high. Still miss Dot. It was a great place to grow up.

David Roney

David Roney

OFD, living in MI

Jane Taylor

Glad to live here.... my daughter is an OFD, and I am a happy transplant (30 years ago)!

Anne Wayland O'Hara

JSB... You're entitled to your opinion, but remember a newspaper is for all.. So, those of us who enjoy her column... 'dessert' after reading all the hard news of the day ask that you be tolerant.. If you read the last line in Barbara McDonough's column today..."Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless" (Mother Teresa)
Anne Wayland O'Hara
Sarasota, Florida (OFD)


Oh S--- I just started to read about the crocus She is back. under a alias


OMG I can not find "Popes Hill" B. Mc> I wish you well. Now find someone that is in tune.


Can't believe I have lived here in beautiful Savin Hill over the Bridge since 1968. When I arrived back then, I just could not believe how many trees were here, it was like moving to a forest when I moved here from Ireland.

I cannot see living any place else in the USA - we have everything here in Savin Hill over the Bridge, beaches; the new subway station; safe neighborhood etc. Nice friendly people.

Mary T. Lynch
Savin Hill by the Sea


hello all

bob purcell

Grew up Dorchester during the 50's and 60's....centre steet, victory road and hemingway park....wonderful memories and a great place to grow up

dennis lynch

hello to frank sullivan and family, grew up with timmy & mary franklin field lots of old friends there still see some nihill, geagan, murphy, still work in dorchester but live on south shore

Joyce Lewis

Yes, it has to go but give it to someone else who will report about other things in the neighborhood.


Mickey and Joyce , I could not agree more. I have posted commets that were deleted. I am sure she is a wonderful person . But this column is too too much. This column has got to go . ENOUGH PLEASE !


Is Hidden Jules on Adams Street closed? The store looked emptied out yesterday when I ran by. i hope not!

Julianne Coleman

I have such fond memories of Dorchester (some I don't remember!)