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Joyce McCormick

I agree with Mickey,
Barbara is a wonderful writer but all we hear about is her family and friends. There are other people out there other than Barbara's friends/family. Let's hear about them from time to time.
I suggested this to someone at the Reporter about 2 years ago and I was told that no matter what Barbara would have a column at the reporter for as long as she wants. That's fine, but give other people options also.



cathy chaisson tomczyk

I grew up on Houghton Street with 10 sisters and brothersand parents Dot and Jack Chaisson. I read the reporter online every month. I babysat for Barbara McDonough many MANY years ago now. OFD!

George J O'Brien

OFD but now living in Redondo Beach, Ca. I want to extend my sympathies for the brutal weather. I won't mention my plans to play golf this weekend in Palm Desert, Ca......a balmy 80 degrees is antcipated:)


Can we change the name of Barbara McDonoughs' column from View from Pope's Hill to Barbara' Column? It would be much more descriptive and people would still rwad it. Then maybe have someone else write about Pope's Hill or Neponset?

mark conley

Use to tend bar in the townfield tavern in 78 79 in Fields Corner...Fun place, good people and a great place to watch the Dorchester Day parade from....Been living over in Quincy since the 80's....really miss the good times.

Jane McCaffrey

I grew up on Alpha Road from 1960 - 1974. It was the best. The families I remember > Barry, O'Rielly, Hardy, Liotti, Burns, Purtell, Wilkinson, Henry, Simone, Grant, McLaughlin, Divine, Kelly, Callahan, Godino, Pallamary, Fitzgerald, Hargreaves, Kirby, Meininghaus... We never lacked enough kids for a game of squash. Remember "Twisty?" The Park Theatre, Hi Fi Pizza, a "spucky" from Chuck's, or Italian cookies from Bombedieri's!! Shawmut station and St. Mark's. The Lucy Stone. Mother's rest on Washington St. Then later in life...Cunningham's, Gallagher's, the Tara Room, The Irish Rover and the Techniques. My brothers are Jerry, Paul, and Peter.



fred rogers

grew up on regina rd , off alpha rd... mid 60's, went to the lucy stone school, great times, remember going to the movies at fields corner, next to chucks subs, next door to fields corner tavern, the fields corner driving school. some names of the old neiborhood are the corbetts, the hardy's, the devines, the kelly's, the o'rielly's, the liotti's, sculli's, gilmores, fitzgeralds,murphys,climos, cherry, martain, cummings , great friends & neibors went to oliver wendel holmes, grover cleveland, and dot high.( wood finishing shop )love to hear from anyone... leave one here or find me on facebook

Bill Smith

I'm Billy Smith, grew up on Plain St, went to St. Annes until 1961, dad was Bill and mom was Mary "Gingie" Murray. Mom passed away Oct 19th, 2009 in oak harbor, wa surrounded by her family, dad who passed away in 86 was career navy, and we moved around the country. I live in St. paul, Mn another good Irish town.


please put me on the list to receive e-lerts. i live on edison green


Born at the Harley Private Hospital in '51. Lived in JP until the early 60's when we moved into my grandmothers house on Sydney ST. Still here on Sydney.

Joyce Lewis McCormick

Neponset reunion had a large turnout this year.
Great memories and lots of fun!
Had a blast! Can't wait for 2011

Tom Gannon

Remember the Daniel Boys and Girls Club on Deer Street in Savin Hill? Well over the last 30 plus years they've expanded to 3 buildings including the Denehey Center over at Columbia Point. They now have around 4,000 kids a smembers. If your around next Saturday December 5th were having a Toy Party for the kids at the club. Bring a toy or a donation to the Stadium Restaurant (formerly Kelly's) on Old Colony Avenue in South Boston.

Can't make or live out of town or state and you'd like to help make Christmas a little brighter for kids in your old neighborhood then go to our web site, if you can't make it please consider making a donation. Donations are made directly into the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester and the volunteers of the Toy Party then go out and do the shopping for you.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends (Lynch's, Gannon's Dhooge's, Spillane's Dunne's, Carrol's, Kerins, Kelly's and Vaughn from Field's Corner are some of the suspects who come by), so, if you see or talk with anyone please let them know about the party at the Stadium Restaurant in South Boston doors open at 8:00 p.m. and the web site has directions on it along with a wish list of toys made up by the staff at the Club.

Great staff like Mike Joyce, Bruce Seals, Queenis Santos and Bob & Mary Scanneell plus other staff come to the toy party.

New this year were going to have a Live Auction at 10:00 a.m. between the band Last Call's (featuring Jan (Sullivan & Paul Gannon's son Mark on guitar) first break. We were lucky enough to get two (2) sets of two (2) tickets to the Fenway College Classic between BU & BC on Friday January 8th, and a Celtic's 2009-2010 basketball autographed by the entire team and four (4) tickets in Fidelity Club Investment seats to the New England Revolution's 2010 home opener on Saturday April 10th against Toronto. For those who've already donated I appreciate your kindness.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Tom Gannon, Field's Corner

On behalf of the kids, Thanks Tom


Left in 65 for the Army. Dot will always be in my heart. Hardly ever go back to Fields Cornor would rather remember it as it was. Dot house dances on Fridays then a stop at Charlies was the high light of my week. If any one knows a Richard Laws, Peggy Roach or Ann Connolly please let me know at

Ed Geary

Proudly OFD!


lived in dorchester until 1986.left for the burbs. my heart belongs to dot!! lived in st ambrose parish, st marks parish and st margarets parish. we moved around a lot. lol hung around luckys bowling alley and bayside park as a teenager. great times and great memories.

barbara leonard davis

i still live in dorchester

Paul Mooney





To FRANK FLANAGAN - I am Paul (Onion) Lynch's, sister-in-law -you can contact me at I am sad to say that Onion passed away, very unexpectedly a couple years ago and his Anniversary Mass is scheduled tomorrow/Saturday (11/21/09) at 4pm mass, in St. Claire's Church, in Braintree.

Aria Littlhous

I just heard that the Mayor is asking Mattapan to submit a proposal to become a Main Street's program that includes a territory three times larger than any other Main Streets district! Is that just crazy, unreasonable, or racist?!


Mark Greene

Anybody out there from the Kane Sq area??

Frank Flanagan

Mike Pallamary
Fri, 09/18/2009 - 12:27pm

Dorchester - The Last American

ever spend any time under a 63 chevy in abackyard on Tremlett St Mike?

Frank Flanagan

anybody know how to contact Paul "Onion" Lynch ?